Kingdom Come Adaptation Ideas?

Routh really made it as Clark and Superman in Crisis. I’d love to see more of that. Let’s also be honest he has been playing Clark Kent disguised as “Ray Palmer” for years on Legends of Tomorrow


I suggested Routh as he already played a version of Kingdom Come Superman in the Arrowverse Crisis crossover. He was brilliant

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Yeah, Routh was awesome, honestly I think he was robbed in Returns and I’d love to see him continue the Superman he got to play in Crisis! A great balance of a folk memory of Reeve and Returns with just enough of KC influence to give him a real sense of having faced down demons and come out stronger than ever.


Maybe a new take on the dystopian future where the children of superheroes take advantage of their secret-identity anonymity to be as nasty as possible to each other, after dividing the world simplistically into “good guys” and “bad guys.” And a big disaster makes them feel justified in their extreme philosophies or childish behavior. I know, I know—too far-fetched? Then again, comics aren’t known for their realism, right?

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Dark Knight Returns is incredibly realistic. Especially when I dodge bullets.

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I have to wonder if filmgoers would be meh. The end of Endgame was very influenced by the last issue of Kingdom Come. Still, I’d buy a ticket. Shazam vs. Supes? Yes, please!