Kinkade Studios and DC Comics - You know you want it

Are those puzzles :jigsaw: or just paintings. They look cool either way, but if they’re puzzles they’re going on my Christmas list.

Most are available as both. They were first paintings then puzzles.

Hunk I want Supes first. That would make a heck of a puzzle

I don’t think blend cota makes puzzles

That should change

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His prints are like $15. I got the flash one.

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Nice puzzle @msgtv. That is the one Kinkade DC painting I’ve been wanting to purchase. Classic Trinity…thing of beauty.


Think it was less than $10 on Amazon

Here is the most important part of the sentence

I was talking about the puzzle. A couple of similar ones are about 15, but the puzzle above was under ten. Not trying to sharpshoot ya​:grin:

oh sorry! I thought… sorry.

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@Adamantine you’re like “why is this guy trying to nitpick about how much I paid!?”:sweat_smile: