Last Chance & Coming Soon: November 2020

I want to check out Karate Kid series. Never have read it before. Also want to watch Brave and the Bold. I watched some of those when it originally aired so I need to complete the series. I hope the new Infinite will carry some shows once in a while. Maybe bring a series or movie for a month or something.

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Hey @alishahenson.18535, I’m so sorry to hear that! May I ask what device you’re using?

Same! I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the Karate Kid covers are so beautifully 70’s classic martial arts vibes :heart_eyes:


When’s the last issue of Doomsday Clock coming out? Didn’t come out in October, so was hoping it would be in November.


Newer comics come out twelve months after their publication date. If memory serves, Doomsday Clock’s last issue came out December 18th, 2019, so it’ll more than likely be here in December.


From one extreme to the other. When I started this service it was for movies and series. Did not read any comics for almost the entire first year. Over the last few months I have used the site for nothing but the comics and have been overjoyed. It has allowed me to reconnect with my past and also delve into fantastic stories that I didn’t know existed. Love this site more than ever and cannot wait for the transition. Keep the issues coming and rock on!


I just clicked to activate my DC Universe Infinite account, oh my!


@superby1 has the right of it- Issue #12 of Doomsday Clock will drop on December 22nd :slight_smile:




Will Constantine be going to HBO Max in the future?

Not sure. You can buy the Blu-ray on Amazon for $22.99.

Thanks man I will look that up! I had plans to rewatch it, but haven’t gotten around to it. So I definitely wouldn’t mind owning it!

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When is Doomsday Clock 12 being released? Or did I miss it? :slight_smile:

What is and isn’t going to HBOMax? Is it just the original content or everything classic, live action and animated?

I’ve seen discussions on here that it will in December.

Applejack said yesterday it’ll be here December 22nd

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i did not know the karate kid was dc. why is the karate kid dc.

The Karate Kid was a Legion character who was created before the film came out. The Karate Kid from the films is unrelated. They had to license the name “Karate Kid” from DC Comics. I think there’s a trademark or something in the credits of the films saying this.