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@DC Universe I seen in one of your reply’s to somebody that you mentioned negotiations for Swamp Thing. I’m confused since Vertigo is an imprint of DC Comics doesn’t that mean they own it outright? I don’t understand why they would have to negotiate for something that they own.

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rogdc - I imagine EVERYTHING on this site requires negotiation. The fact that they can open the floodgates and offer all this content in an all-you-can-read format means that sites like Comixology or even physical comic book stores could potentially lose business, so I imagine all decisions involve discussions with many different partners and concessions have to be made to keep everyone happy (the 12 month delay on publication to DC Universe comes to mind).


@jessiestaf.34086, we rotate content based on licensing agreements with other services.

@rogdc, DC Universe licenses its content from the DC Comics publishers, who have their own relationships and agreements with its partners. We work in respect and accordance of their requests.

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Ok so basically even though Vertigo is a DC comics imprint , DC comics does not hold the rights to do as they please with these comics from this imprint …? It’s like a company within a company that is autonomous ?

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@TheGraveAndTheCold, DC Comics holds the rights, yes. They decide which licenses are distributed to which partners.
DC Universe is a partner of DC Comics.

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Hmm, Animal Man sure doesn’t look like Vertigo. I mean, Hawkgirl is in there and so is Martian Manhunter. It doesn’t say Vertigo anywhere on it or in it. Hmmm, so confusing.

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DC Umiverse is separate and not part of DC Comics

DC Comics is the source for all DC comics, incuding Vertigo.

To get the full digital library, it was agreed that DC Universe would not get Vertigo access at that time.

Then specific negotiations were done on those characters who had both Vertigo and DC titles, which were Animal Man, Constantine, Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol.

It was decided DC Universe would have to give up the original Grant Morrison Animal Man issues, but kept the rest.

The fact that DC Universe had original content on Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol helped sway the matter their way.


Thank you for clarifying ! Makes sense . DC is trying to run a business after all . I think some people ( like me ) were under the impression that DC Universe and DC Comics were one and the same .


Shame crisis on two earths & doom had to go. IMO the two best of DCAU films.

Hopefully they will get back in the rotation in the not to distant future.

Animal Man didn’t get its Vertigo tag until issue #57 (though it did start getting labeled with a ‘Mature Readers’ warning as of #51). Is there any chance (in the future) to at least have #1 - 50 added back in? The Grant Morrison run is especially good.

What will be the status of the New52 Animal Man book? I’m guessing that next week’s major comic push will include New52 era books - will Animal Man allowed in that form, since it was entirely part of the DCU proper?

Thank you for your consideration.


Just to be clear, the New 52 Animal Man is safe, yeah?

@Chris Yes.

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The solution seems clear: greenlight an Animal Man original series. It would fit right in with the tone of a lot of the other originals.

In all seriousness though it would have been nice if this had been announced up front with the expansion of the library. I’m now left to wonder about all the Wildstorm stuff that’s on here…especially given that it seemz more is coming tomorrow.


@TheDemonEtrigan - I actually have been saying for a while that there should be and Animal Man show. It’d be perfect with today’s environmental problems. They could even do a callback to the Shazam! show and have a morals section, or like, a bit of info on the animals he used at the end of each episode.

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I would love to see a morals section at the end of a TV MA show.


Darn, I wanted to read Animal Man again… them’s the breaks I guess. Going to have to finally get around to watching Justice League vs Teen Titans this time.

So I’m guessing for Vertigo and other imprints we should also get Comixology Unlimited? I’ve always been hoping that DC Universe meant all of DC, not just the superheroes.


Well there is a sweet pile a great comics in comixology unlimited under Vertigo, that’s for sure!

@turok. We lose constantine too. We just never got it.

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