๐Ÿ“บ Late Night Watch Along with Human Target episode 7, 11 July, 9:30pm Pacific, 12:30am Eastern ๐Ÿ“บ

He is awfully puzzled by the woman giving the papers

calling it in canโ€™t be called in

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the old flame drama episode

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Hits to his self-esteem and face and now all but threatened with being shot, and then shot while I type

Dude, Iโ€™d say thatโ€™s a safe assumption

Chance is very sure of himself, sure sign she wonโ€™t be happy to see himโ€ฆ

so lara croft

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That was the greeting I expected from her

This show and Kieran Keyes on NightMan, seems he plays a typeโ€ฆ

she looks familiar, but i would remember her based on that lip scar

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Thought she resembled Emmanuel Vaugier

donโ€™t recognize that name

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She was Painkiller Jane in the movie and Lexโ€™s teacher girlfriend on Smallville

Wouldnโ€™t Spanish for โ€œplane eaterโ€ be a better name?

I like him a lot more as the dumb sonโ€ฆ

what season of smallville?

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Iโ€™d have to search

leather jacket leather shoes. is that soul patch leather too?

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am watching it for the sake of watching it. Finally in season 10

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