Learn How to Write Fan Fiction

I have been writing fiction for over 20 years, and can still write unreadable fiction quite easily.

For those starting out in fan fiction, here are some articles that might help you out.




Things to avoid

Info dumps


In early science fiction, there were tons of dialogue that began, “As you know, Jim…”

Wolverine and Rogue serve many purposes in the first X-Men film.

One purpose is that, since they know nothing of Xavier’s school, they can ask questions. Also Logan can interact with the adults. Rogue with the student

Show Don’t Tell






I hesitate to recommend any book on writing, but if you have never taken a course or read a book on writing

“How To Write Mind Blowing FanFiction” by Roslyn Thomas.

Start reading it for free: http://a.co/3bx1UMU

It seems to stress original characters.

It is 2.99 at Kindle.

I didn’t like the other books on fan fiction.

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The article say to write fan fiction, you need to read fan fiction.

Here is a selection that I already listed here elsewhere.

The Best

Some of these have thousand of reviews, not likes, actual short reviews.

Gar goes back to Jump City. Raven never left. Adventure/Romance. Later section 25 years later. Uses all parts of Universe, including Doom Patrol, plus Batgirl, all of Justice league.


Teen Titans animated in Lovecraft universe Very Dark. Some Titans don’t come back


Alternate world. Titans don’t know each other. No powers. Zombies. Raven with shotgun.


Young Justice Alternate world. No powers. They go to college. Roy Harper is RA.


Diana grows up in America. If you liked Donna Troy and Dick Grayson as teenagers in Titans, Bruce and Diana first met at that age. Continues to adults.


How Dick became Robin. Part of a series.


Fan Fixes.

Don’t like what movie or show did to certain characters? Change it.

Death of Antiope, in Wonder Woman film


Alex and Maggie breakup in Supergirl


Pure fluff not serious at all

Justice League Animated join on line dating


Justice league Animated on line chat


Final links I have already listed

Batman Wonder Woman

Variation on Justice league Here After


Diana and Bruce undercover in Europe


A few Teen Titans and Young Justice CrossOvers

Beast Boy kicked out of Titans, Joins Young Justice. Raven wants him back.


Raven ‘dies’ regain form with amnesia, in Young Justice universe.
Raven/ Y J Robin


Kid Flash and Raven. On a mission that goes badly


Last chapter of my novel, using original characters, Adults are from literature and history. What I see is white text on blacks, with spaces between paragraphs.

A bad example of fantasy, with young, super powered characters. Archtypes are from European and South American folklore.

Q is South American God Quetxcalcoati, who inhabits and sometimes controls Angela’s body. He looked like a dragon when released.


After the excitement of saving the world and everything, things settled down in Castle Krumlov in the Czech Republic.

Everybody moved to the castle, including Lucian’s wife, Lexis, and their two cubs, plus twelve other werewolves, which formed Lucian’s pack. The cubs were eleven-year-old Larry and twelve-year-old, Luna. They were as normal, adorable and annoying as any human child, because they had not yet Changed. Luckily, pack members took care of babysitting, so Daniel, Lilly, Damien and Angela did not have to. There were also two teenagers in the pack, a boy called Leonard and a girl called Lizzie, who did not seem to like anybody, especially each other. That was strange, thought Lilly, because Lucian said it had been arraigned since their births that they would be mated within a year.

The four teenagers were bored, since Morgan le Fay had decided they needed more training before they could spy on and/or assassinate someone. The goddess Athena and ghostly Michael Collins were no longer around to teach them. Morgan promised that Lucian and Brynhildr of the Valykries would teach them when the two returned. Lucian was with Brynhildr at a research site where Bill and the two Steves were trying to manufacture something called a PC. Already the three were arguing about what the device should look like.

So the four teens decided they should go out together.

What should they do? Dinner was out. Angela didn’t eat or drink. Daniel only drank blood. Lilly thought eating vegetables was cannibalism. Damien didn’t know yet what Earth food he should eat. Momma Demon always prepared his food.

Going out in the daytime was a problem because Daniel was a new vampire.

They decided to go dancing. But none knew how to dance the latest steps. None of the adults said they knew either, except for Puck, who volunteered. Lilly told Puck the four were grateful, but none of them had sufficient agility to do his training justice.

The four decided to watch people at a club dancing and learn. Even though, Lilly and Damien had illusion powers, they decided to dress up in actual clothes.

Angela volunteered to ask Sarah Weinberg, who was secretary and treasurer for the group, for funds.

“Hello, Ms. Weinberg, You know how stressed out we are from the losses we sustained. Daniel lost the Countess. Lilly lost her mentor, Athena. Damien lost his father. I lost Achilles and the two angels. Morgan promised us training, but so far that has not happened. I think she is still in mourning for Athena. We are bored and the house brings us so many sad memories. I am getting depressed and very emotional and am worried that soon I won’t be able to control myself. Q is constantly saying things in my head. We all need a break.”

“What do you need, Angela?”

Angela soon left with enough money for custom suits and dresses.

Daniel could impersonate a human quite easily, having been one until recently, so he got a suit from a men’s store. But Damien had massive wings, and an illusion spell would not remove them.

Lilly asked, “Miss Morgan, did you learn weaving and sewing when ye were at Avalon?’

“Certainly, we learned all the useful crafts there. Athena was excellent at it also. You know she was the Goddess of craft, right? We used to make woolen scarfs, hats or sweaters for each other, as gifts on the Winter Solstice…” Morgan’s voice went silent as she remembered happier times.

Morgan soon measured Damien expertly and had a suit made for him in Hong Kong. She altered the back of the suit to accommodate Damien’s wings when the suit arrived a few days later.

The two girls, plant elemental and dragon in a minute, tried dresses in several stores. At first, Angela wanted to try on only pantsuits.

“I know Daniel really likes you, but I don’t want to wear something that will make Damien drool all over me. I know we are both intrinsically evil and destined to mate and that our children will rule over a mankind in slavery, but I don’t want him to know that he is probably the only person that could have sex with me and survive. I’d rather be celibate,” said Angela.

“A always think of ye two as being beyond Good and Evil, Beings incapable of being understood. Anyway, the real reasons girls dress up, are for other girls to say that they look great, and are wearing the latest fashions. At least that’s what they say in the Teen Magazines A read. Personally A don’t have a clue, but A do think ye shouldn’t be thinking about sex with a boy, when ye never kissed him. Daniel is dreamy, though?” said Lilly, who had made major improvement in English, through a Standard American English Language Usage Course at a local community college, though she lapsed back to her old dialect frequently.

“I keep telling you that Daniel shouldn’t know how much you like him,” said Angela.

“But Mister Puck says that those who are of Fairie should never lie. It would cause them to be banished,” said Lilly.

“That explains why Puck always says what he thinks, but I don’t think he should be your role model. Ariel is of Fairie also.”

“But Ariel is so quiet. A just talk, talk, talk all the time,” said Lilly.

“Well don’t talk about how great Daniel is all the time. Let’s get back to dresses. What do you think my best color is? I was thinking black or blood red, but that is stereotypical for a monster like me,” said Angela.

Eventually, they decided on wearing the same type of dress, a royal blue, sleeveless, mini dress.

The two girls practiced for days walking in high heels. Only Sarah could give advice.

“High heels are impractical when slaying demons or other monsters,” said Morgan.

“You think Angela will look hot in her dress?” Damien asked Daniel.

“Why are you so interested in her? You did see her turn into a gigantic, fire breathing dragon, who ate people, didn’t you?” asked Daniel.

“She only did it once.”

“What if it happens when you are having sex with her?”

“I haven’t even kissed her yet. Don’t you get it, Daniel? Angela and me, we’re alike. We’re both potential evil, like an atom bomb scale of evil. We’re the only people that can understand each other. And I think she looks sexy,” said Damien.

The day of the date came.

“You both look gorgeous, especially you, Angela,” said Damien.

“Thank you, Damien.”

“Everyone will be so jealous that we will have the two best-looking girls in the place,” said Daniel.

Lilly blushed and giggled.

Daniel drove the four to a nearby disco.

Damien was unable to collapse his massive wings together, but could make them invisible. Daniel agreed that when they danced with the girls, the two boys would be back to back.

Daniel got sodas for the four and everyone pretended to drink.

The music was so loud that no one could hear what the others were saying, even with their enhanced senses. That was okay with all of them, because they were really just teenagers, out on their first date ever, and didn’t know what to say.

Lilly said to Daniel, ”Let’s dance.”

Against her better judgment, Angela pulled Damien onto the dance floor.

As usual, the girls danced rather well. The boys were terrible. Nobody cared. They were enjoying themselves.

Then a group of toughs came in. The music stopped playing and the dancing stopped.

Daniel and Damien stepped in front of Lilly and Angela, which was silly, because any of the four could have dealt with the thugs easily.

Angela slipped in front and confronted the toughs. She stared at them. “You idiots are not going to ruin the first fun I’ve had in a long time.”

Lilly came forward and discreetly touched one boy, then another. “Hi, boys.” They dropped to the floor in a coma, seconds after she touched them.

The remaining thugs ran away. Daniel and Damien carried the sleeping bad guys outside of the club.

The music resumed and dancing started again.

Angela pulled Damien aside. She shouted into his right ear, “It was nice of you boys to try to protect us, but we don’t need protecting.”

“I know that. I didn’t want you to turn into a gigantic fire-breathing dragon that eats people. The ceiling is too low and it would ruin your sexy dress and shoes.”

Impulsively, Angela kissed Damien. Damien kissed back.

Similar activity was occurring between Lilly and Daniel.

When they left the club in the wee hours, Lilly said, “That was fantastic. Let’s do it again next week.”

Angela looked directly at Damien. “That’s fine with me.”

The next morning, Puck said, “There’s a joke going round the castle. A vampire, a plant elemental, a demon and a dragon go out on a date to a disco …”

Not specific to DC, but writers have many interests


The Evil Overlord’s List


It is the villains that make the heroes. They have to be more than just evil.


Events in which justice is administered,
certain certainties are met,
and destinies are fulfilled

by Jonathan Padua

Common understanding would have you believe that people like me come from the worst nightmares, that we are the idea of pure evil made physically manifest.

But this is a terrible lie. I’ll concede that some of us come from ghoulish origins.

We come from nasty chemical spills, a splash of hydrochloric acid across the face, a dip into a pond near the local toxic waste dump. We come from being thrown head-first into a plate glass window, ghastly mutilations for Mafioso jobs poorly done. We come from unpleasant mistakes. We come from genetic abnormalities, chemical imbalances, perhaps an unusually large pituitary gland. We come from many, many accidental explosions.

But we are not nightmares, and we are certainly not evil.

Mostly what we come from is tragedy.

We come from loved ones lost in cruel twists of fate, an assassins stray bullet, an experimental surgery gone awry, a misstep into the nuclear reactor. We come from the bullet-riddled corpses of our parents, uncle and aunts being carted away to the incinerator while we are hauled off to work in mines. We come from our children being stolen in the dark of night, to be found cold in a nearby field the next morning.

We come from childhoods spent in the basement chained to a radiator, the sting of a leather belt across our back, a cardboard box as a toilet, a teakettle of boiling water as an alarm clock.

We come from their ghosts, faces and voices and bodies that we see too clearly when we close our eyes at night, are in bed with us when we wake up, sit across the table from us in the morning when we take our first sip of coffee.

Where we come from is pain and we are the survivors of pain.

It drives some of us crazy, obsessed, and for some of us, it is what keeps us sane, a tangible goal to latch onto, a purpose in which ones villainous life could revolve around.

I’ve learned that the thing that unites all of us villains, from the evil geniuses to the unstoppable juggernauts, is this:

We want to take our pain and share it with the world. Some act locally and others, like myself, act globally, but we all want to press our pain like a hot iron against the cheek of any human being unfortunate enough to live an unblemished life.

This, we want to say, this is not an inconvenience or nuisance. This is not a traffic jam or an incorrect cable bill.

This is what it means to suffer. It will be like a token passed on casually, like purchasing a cup of coffee from a vendor, or a lover giving their beloved one a small gift, as if saying,

This was once mine, but now it is better if it belongs to you.



On how famous Batman writer and. Editor Denny O’Neil suggests how to write comic books, a nine part course that he gave at NYU in fall 2009

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On bleeding cool class 8 was missing. Here is my copy.

How To Write Comics And Graphic Novels by Dennis O’Neil #8 – Bester Both Worlds

During my first stint as a card-carrying, full-time comic book editor entitled to health benefits, personal days and my own invitation to the office Christmas party, I screwed up. I thought that the boss folk had hired me because they thought I could write and therefore all I had to do was make the work of the writers I hired indistinguishable from my own. Which was dunderheaded.

That approach wasn’t dunderheaded when I, a beginner, was being edited by Stan Lee and Roy Thomas in Marvel’s salad days, the mid-60s, because what was making Marvel a publishing phenomenon was Stan’s way of doing the work and that included his writing.

But later, when I was dubbed Ye Editor at another company, in another era, really, there was no house style. Each of the several editors had his/her own methods and the books they produced were not all governed by a single sensibility

So the editorial task was simply to get the best possible stuff from the creative people, given whatever limitations and restrictions were established.

To cram another’s prose into the procrustean bed of my own productions was to get, at best, third rate O’Neil when what we should have wanted was first rate (fill in the name of some poor freelancer whose labor was massacred by the younger and dumber me.)

Editing is a complex, difficult, stressful, and often frustrating profession and no two editors seem to do it alike.

I guess that over the past 50 years I’ve worked for about 100 different editors in various media, of which maybe a dozen were at the top of their game, none of who had the same methodology. How, for example, did Louise Simonson and Dick Giordano extract good scripts from their scribblers without ever, to my memory, issuing direct instructions?

Watch me shrug and get on to the two points I want to make in conclusion: Point the first: Editing is, among other things, a helping profession, like teaching or nursing. The editor’s task, when dealing with writers, is to help them, and that means correcting their mistakes so they don’t put foolishness into print and thus appear to be less than the sharpest tacks in the corkboard.

Such mistakes might range from simple missspellings* to breeches in the inner logic of a plot.

Your job, Mr./Ms. Editor, is to make your subordinates look good.

And point the second: It’s not about being able to exert your will and whims on others, and that’s why individuals who most covet big offices might not be well suited to occupying them.

There’s a quote from the late, great Alfred Bester that I cherish:

Among professionals, the job is boss.

Which means that you are not as important as the story and neither are your writers. Of course, the story wouldn’t exist without them, and I’m not suggesting that we eliminate editors from the process, either; it’s nice having a backstop. But getting the best possible story, given constraints of talent and circumstance–that’s the prize.

Here are other classes 1 thru 7 and 9









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