Legendary Christmas

‘‘Twas the night before Christmas

And all throughout the Waverider

Not a soul was stirring

Not even a Legion of Doom fighter.

The magical talismans were hung by Constantine with care

Lest magical creatures beware.

Sarah and Ava were all snuggled in bed

While dreams of Lotus flowers dancing through their heads.

And Mick with his beers and Ray in his lab

Had just started z’s to grab

When Gideon yelled out

“There is an anomaly to fix”

Everyone stumbled to the bridge

“I hope I can hit something “ said Mick

As he wrinkled his forehead ridges

At that moment a man all dressed in red

Appeared inside the ship

Nate immediately turned to steel

And punched him in the lip

It was when the invader reeled

Everyone gasped when they saw

The intruder of whom they were wary

Was dressed in red and fur trim

And looked a lot like Gary.

“Ouch that really hurt”

He then explained that Santa Claus

Had sent him to give gifts to the Legends

For although they break a lot of laws

They are still good.

As he left their sight he exclaimed

“Merry BeeboMas to all

And to all a good night.”

Ah so that was the anomaly to fix…

Merry Christmas to my Legendary Island of Misfits!