Legends of Tomorrow: Mick the Knife

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits. It’s another week without another new episode, but you are in luck! I have come across another “lost” episode that was meant to air before Crisis on Infinite Earths, but somehow got lost in the shuffle. Without further ado, here is the missing episode.
Mick, wakes up from a late night of drinking his beer, when he hears the call of everyone to the bridge. He stumbles out of his room, as he suddenly hears “Hey pardner, ready for the next opportunity to heist history?” He had to shake his head, and blink his eyes to make sure it wasn’t the Mexican beverage messing with his head, but it sounded just like Leonard. Pan to see it is Captain Cold looking right at him. “Mick, you look like you have seen a ghost?” Mick takes a look at Leonard, another look at his beer, and then drops his beer bottle on the floor.
Sara is at the helm to discuss their latest time anomaly, but Mick notices something different. She seems more driven than usual, and not as fun as his drinking buddy could be. With his more sensitive nature as “Rebecca Silver”, he noticed Ava was gone. With him being Rory, he just blurted out “Where’s Mrs Captain Karaoke?” Sara snapped at him, saying he knows why they cannot be associated with the Time Bureau anymore after the incident in Chicago, October 1871. Mick looked puzzled, so Leonard said to him “Don’t you remember, we were stealing some jewels from the time period, you got a little trigger happy in making our getaway and the Time Bureau had to make a public story that it was started by some old lady’s cow?”
Sara continued, “We received an alert that some British supporters are going to steal the Constitution before it can be fully signed, thus changing our country into one still under British rule. We need to stop that from happening, with minimal damage.” She looked right at Mick. Sara didn’t finish with her usual “Lets get revolutionary or anything either.” Something was completely wrong.
During the mission, Mick couldn’t help but notice everyone on the team keeping an eye on him, expecting him to set fire to everything and making it worse. When he held off on setting fire to British loyalists, it allowed them to initially escape with the Constitution. Everyone on the team yelled at Mick before Leonard revealed that he had made the swap and had the real document in his possession. He then smirked at his partner, and told him don’t worry I got this. Then, he revealed to Mick he had lifted the ring from one of the founding fathers.
The team all gathered around while giving space to Mick as to not anger him. Some of the team members had been burned before.
When they got back on the ship, Mick went to his room and asked Gideon if there were any novels by a “Rebecca Silver.” She said there was no such author in the world today, but that she had noticed a brief discrepancy earlier in the day she thought was a glitch in her systems.
Mick then asked Gideon for footage of missions he had been involved with in the past. He saw times where he would just light everything up with a devilish grin on his face, while he was side by side with Leonard. There were times he had mistakenly killed people, and some team members had left because they feared his dangerous nature. He was usually left alone in his room and only would be talked to by Leonard. They would often send him to calm him down when he would get really worked up.
Gone was the gruff, but sensitive Mick who had grown so much. He realized that he was able to become so much more of his own man once Leonard had sacrificed himself years ago. With Leonard by his side, he could never quite get out of his icy, cold shadow, and become the “Rebecca Silver” he was today with friends and a family.
At this, he realized he had fallen asleep at his typewriter working on his latest novel. Wiping the drool from his chin, he had realized it had all been a nightmare. Mick was finally home.
I hope you enjoyed this “lost” episode. I am glad they decided to splotlight Mick in this episode, as too often he gets pushed to the background when he has become quite the well rounded character.
I hope you are all remaining safe and awaiting the next “real” episodes of the show. I only hope I brought a little entertainment to you. Until next time, stay Legendary.

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