Lets Talk About How Amazing "Harleen" Is

Been waiting for a fresh new take on everyone’s favorite physiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel. I gotta tell you all if you haven’t picked up a copy you need to go get yourself one, it’s a great read for fans of Harley. The writing style is fresh and raw, and the artistry is in my opinion absolutely ahead of its time.

This contains spoilers for the complete series, if you haven’t read it stop now and go read it :slightly_smiling_face:

Just finish reading it, and I have to say, it truly is amazing. Recently I finish reading the novel Harley Quinn: Mad Love, in preparation to read Harleen, that novel was a fun read, a little rush in the Harleen/Joker relationship, like it didn’t felt real and the Joker in there was really an A-hole and I never truly felt he actually love her, which is fitting for the character.

In Harleen that’s another story, even if is hinted that he is manipulating her(the file) , the author manage to make you doubt Joker intentions and even make you feel like Harleen, make you believe he may be change/cure and that he is not completely gone only misunderstood ( I know lol, that’s impossible he is the Joker!) but the way he is written it show you enough of how Harleen see him in order to understand why she felt for him and his ideology (also Joker is drawn pretty attractive I might say). Even if I talk about the Joker a lot here, Harleen always felt like the main character, this is her story!

Sejic art is amazing, since I found out about him I’m been obsess about his works and his writting, he is amazing and I hope DC keep giving him work on black label.

I want to keep this short and don’t over geek out, so the last thing I’m gonna comment about that have been mention on this discussion, is Harley Quinn solo run (new 52 and rebirth) I cannot talk about rebirth because I just started reading that one, but the new 52 one, I finish it with all the mini series and one shots and I totally agree, is mixed for me, it have good moments and I got a few laugh from it, but in general is lackluster and missing a lot of potential the character have in a more “believable” setting.

I would love to have a continuation of this Harley Quinn in a mini series where Harleen is struggling to “wake up” like is hinted.


This series is up on Hoopla now.

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I want to read this so bad. I can’t wait to get my paws on it & discuss.

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I literally just finished it, maybe 3 minutes ago. It came in my DC swag bag (thank u DC). It was so awesome. I loved the way this story was told. From inside Harley’s own head. I related especially with the insomnia part & people suggesting ailments that you’ve heard a thousand times. The art was eye popping & subtle, if that’s possible? The way they made u wonder who was in the right was interesting. As far as the execution squads, the villains repeatedly escaping only to commit the same crimes etc. All I expected & way more. I would say I flew thru the pages, but I had to stop & admire the incredible art on every page.


Can it be read with the subscription?

I really enjoyed this series. It was one of the best. I’m also enjoying Harley in Criminal Sanity. I feel she’s coming out on her own even more. I like how they showed her coming up in college and having her own ideas to work with patient, being funded by Wayne Enterprises, the interactions with Harvey Dent/Two Face and her journey with the joker.
I felt her solo comic has alot of good elements and suicide squad has been great too.
I really hope DC capitalizes off the success of these Comics and continues to showcase Harley in more titles under the Black Label brand.

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The cover art to this is amazing also, got to pick this up.


Welcome! Is not on here and sadly is not gonna be on here unless they decide to add the Black Label imprint in the future(finger cross) on the service.

They release a trade of it recently.

The art is really good I agree

blargh, I just wanna know why it’s not on DC Universe >.> I’m a huge fan of Stjepan’s work, but I’m not really in a position to grab every book I want to read

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I have the same question! Am just finally starting to use my DCU subscription to its fullest and am realizing there’s a lot of comics not on here. Is there somewhere we can find out more about what determines what makes it online vs not?

And with the pandemic, comic shops aren’t open so we can’t get the goods there either :frowning:

@thompse412.15036 and @Ser_Vimak We get most comics a year after publication, but Black Label, Vertigo, and other imprints are not included due to various legal and other reasons. You can find out more about this here.

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Very helpful - thanks!

Omg… just about finished and I am in love!

I’m a social worker, and this book really keeps my mind working. I love the complexities of the characters and the realness of Dr. Q’s devolution into Harley Quinn! Its a lot darker than some of the other Harley Quinn books, but I absolutely love it!!!

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I just bought and finished this series and I loved every page. I love how in depth it was into the mind of Harleen and how she eventually fell in love with the Joker. Fantastic origin series and I would love to see more!