LIVE Q&A: Scott Snyder writer of BATMAN and SWAMP THING! Friday, April 3rd @11am PT/2pm ET

Hey, Scott.

Are there any current independent titles you recommend? I’m already reading Undiscovered Country and Ice Cream Man.

Looking forward to Death Metal. You and Greg are my favorite writer/artist. Your run in Justice League was amazing. I’m also a huge fan of your independent stuff, but I still have to read AD. Having worked with Stephen King, would you or have you considered working with Joe Hill? Outside of the superhero comics, horror comics are my favorite. A team up with you and Joe Hill would be excellent :metal::metal: Also, here’s my small Batman shrine:20200402_132851|666x500

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Hey Scott!
What’s been your favorite new Batman to create for Dark Nights: Death Metal? Also, what’s it like writing a company-wide event with three kids home from school?

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Of all of you work witch you will love to be turn into a TV or Movie serie

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What is your view of the place of Robin in the Batman legend, and how do you see your work with Joker in Last Knight on Earth fitting into that place?

Your work, since dating back to before the New 52 has been of an incredible stock. Dare I say the only other your match I feel in scope and epic scale of your work is Geoff Johns.

I started with your Batman run, followed you through Metal, into Justice League, and now find myself eagerly awaiting Death Metal.

My question is two fold. Given the events of Doomsday Clock, how much of your work on this project was affected, or is Death Metal absent any influence from Doomsday Clock on it and the story?

Second, will this serve as a finale to everything you have been working on since you started your Justice League run, and all the way through to the Year of the Villain? Given how that particular story ended, I’m curious if this is the grand finale of all that, so to speak.

First of all, Scott, THANK YOU for everything you’ve done to continuously reach out to the fan community at this time.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, I know for a fact that you’re a massive wrestling mark.
Any predictions on this weekend’s “show of shows”…?

Best Wishes to You and Yours -

Hi Mr. Snyder.
What is your advice for young writers?
Thank you for taking the time to do this.

Hi Scott,

Over the past few years, DC has been seeking to reconcile all of their past continuity, including reinstating characters that were removed in past reboots like the Justice Society.

Is there a chance we’ll be seeing the original Helena Wayne Huntress return with the Justice Society this year?

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Hey Scott., love your work. With all the latest news about the so called Snyder Cut of Justice League… would you wanna see it?

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First of all, you and Greg were the nicest creators I’ve ever met, thanks for coming out to Phoenix 2 years ago.

My question is, I’ve noticed a pattern that you like to go a little crazy when writing your stories. The bigger the better. So have you ever considered taking a stab at an Aquaman run? I think you would do an incredible job with such a metal character!

  1. My favorite thing about your JL run was how well Apex Lex was set up as the “Final Boss” for the run! What made you want Luthor as the last obstacle for now?
  2. The final battle at the Hall of Justice was epic! What was on your checklist of must haves for that battle? Was there anything you couldn’t quite fit that you wanted to include in that battle?
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Are there any characters that you may or may not have liked before, but fell in love with after having written them?

Could you talk a little about your process behind crafting a story for an entire run once you’ve joined a book? Like, do you map out each arc? Do you take notes/journal? How do you keep track of all of the research you do for a title/character?


What will the death metal tie ins be?

Hi everyone! We’ll be getting started here in just a minute. Thank you all for joining us! There are lots of really good, deep questions here! Please bear in mind that our guest may not have time to get to all of them. But if we’re super nice maybe Scott will join us again in the future :wink:

Get ready to grab your cuppa or your snack and settle in!


When are you bringing back the DC Writers Workshop?

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I think it comes back to an idea that Grant told me one year at San Diego Comic Con. I was just starting on Batman and I was terrified and Grant pulled me aside and said, “the way to get over your fear is to imagine a birth and an end for your version of Bruce. Own the whole thing from beginning to end.” That really inspired me because it made me realize that my favorite creators had done just what you list here: they’d taken the legacy - the whole thing - and pulled from it to make something that honored what came before but also felt theirs and of the moment and immediate. For me, it was about finding pieces of the mythos that would get at the things I wanted to say about Bruce, the things I wanted to explore - his relationship to Gotham and its history and by proxy to his own mortality - and then using those in ways that were true to core but made them relevant to the moment and story being told.


Hi Mr. @ScottSnyder and welcome to the community!