Live Q&A w/ Sean Murphy, Comic Creator of BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT, & More, Tues 4/21 @5pm PT/8pm ET!

Hi Sean,

I really enjoyed the clear influence of Batman the Animated Series on the artwork of your book. Even more, I loved the way you portrayed Batgirl and Nightwing in the plot, especially in the way they represented that moral gray between Batman and Jack. Why did you decide to portray these two characters in this way? Besides Batman the Animated Series, were there other inspirations for the Visual design of Batgirl and Nightwing?


Woke :eye:, :brain::100: on the :writing_hand: creation :bulb: :partly_sunny::cloud: :thought_balloon: of the portal through comics your work and art is :pray: :infinity:.,

1&2)If you have ever been inspired by a libations or meals(Idea being somewhat, beast boy being vegan)what was :point_up: product and how did it influence your creative touch? :pray: weather or not you have time to touch base on the ?’s

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Spoiler Alert

I have read part of Batman: White Knight #1 I would like to say that it is an extremely :sunglasses: take on Batman. I like how you reinstated the dillemna where the Joker is roasting Batman and he may or may not be right. The part where Joker keeps pushing the idea that Batman needs him and that they have relationship. And then what happens next :face_vomiting:. It gives me a sastifying unsettling feeling that keeps me glued to the book. Also the Batmobile looks differently cool. It stands out above the other artists’ Batmobiles.


Hi Mr. Murphy!

  1. You’re a writer and a artist, is this what you always wanted to be?
  2. What is your advice for writers and artists?
    Hope you are safe and healthy.
    Thanks for answering everyone’s questions

I think you have great talent with Batman, but it’s upsetting that White Knight in non-canon. Can you make canon Batman stories in the future that are just as good as it? I think you should be influencing the DCU as a whole in addition to non-cannon material.


Hi Sean,

Really liked this series. A question about Harley. Did you always mean for her to be a big part of the book?
Thank you for an awesome book keep up the amazing work.


Hello mr. murphy, white knight is one of my favorite batman stories of all time. here are my questions

  1. did you always plan to have a sequel for white knight?
  2. do you like biscuits?

White Knight is to date prob my favorite start to finish storyline in Batman non-canon history. You are a brilliant mind and thank you for giving us such a great piece of literary art. You are like a Batman mad scientist, mixing and matching all walks of Batdom and in the most impressive, most fun ways!

My questions are:

  1. What is the singular piece of Batman history that inspired you most when writing White Knight?

  2. Besides to blow our minds, what made you decide to write that Jason Todd gave up Batman’s identity during Death in the Family? (Had this panel printed out on an 11x17 and framed in my bat collection ever since the day the issue released! This was so impactful)


Hey everyone, thanks so much for all your questions! We’re going to be getting started here in just a bit. Grab your snacks and your drink and settle in :popcorn::tropical_drink:


Me again! We’re just getting Sean set up with his account info, so hang tight. In the meantime, has everyone here read White Knight? Show of “likes”, do you mind if I share some pages while we wait?


Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 5.08.09 PM

For one, here’s that freaking gorgeous Batmobile design everyone’s asking about- jeez!!


People don’t talk much about this design for Batgirl’s costume, but it’s fantastic- very utilitarian.

All right folks, getting the heck out of here. But stick around after, we have lots more White Knight discussion going down :sunglasses:


I’m here! Sorry for the delay, I forgot my password like a Boomer.

  1. Yes, I usually avoid magic type stuff in my writing. I like to keep Gotham grounded if I can. The use of Jason Blood was once acception.
  2. Yes on Nightwing! But I can’t say more right now. :slight_smile:

Thanks for putting this together. Sean is hands down one of the most incredible authors of Bat-anything in recent memory. White Knight is THE story I recommend to anyone looking to get into DC/Batman.


I haven’t thought about it yet! My first thought is…lots of green?

I have ideas for volume 4 of White Knight, maybe I can include some of the JLA. :slight_smile:


Hey, always nice to talk to another Z owner!

  1. I have plans for 2 more volumes of White Knight in the next few years, plus spin offs. More on the later.
  2. My favorite things to draw are Gotham alleyways and buildings. Weird, I know. :slight_smile:

Hey there! Yes I left Catwoman out because I wanted to save her for something else in the future. But I can’t talk about that yet. The stuff with Blake is the mainline continuity, not the same type of story I wanted to do for White Knight. Blake a greater person and an amazing writer, so I hope her book spikes the sales. :slight_smile:

  1. I don’t have any plans to draw a book written by someone else. Maybe one day if I run out of ideas or my stuff stops selling. :slight_smile:

Hey there! My favorite episodes are the typical Heart of Ice and POV. But I love the Batgirl ones as well–I actually have a podcast on Youtube with my friend Clay, and we’re recording a new episode after this. Called BATTASS podcast. :slight_smile:


That’s the best thing I’ve heard all day!!