LIVE Q&A with Justin Halpern & Patrick Schumacker, HARLEY QUINN ANIMATED SERIES Showrunners! Mon 5/11 @5pm PT/8pm ET

Honestly a Red Hood/Harley storyline is WAY overdue. Their obsessions with The Joker and shared trauma must be contrasted.


Too many details to contain in one post, but I would read books like Stephen King’s On Writing and Brian Bendis’s Words for Pictures. Bendis talks in his book about how failure is necessary–and we all fail… I continue to fail on a daily basis–and that’s okay. If you’re serious about being a writer, you’ll get knocked down and resolve to get back up again. It took seven years or so of living in L.A. and trying to be writers for it to work out for Justin and me, and our big break was founded on a bit of a fluke with Justin’s twitter account blowing up after he started it sort of as a joke. All this to say, there’s no formula for breaking in. But read those books above. Those guys are killer teachers.


I’d never considered that angle, but I love it.

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What’s going to happen to Kiteman when Harley/Ivy’s relationship gets to the next level?


Okay, I have to go to a post-production meeting for Harley, so I have to end the Q&A. Thanks so much for your great questions! Sorry to those I was not able to answer. And thank you so much for the support for the show. It’s truly inspiring. Hope it’s making quarantine a little more tolerable for you all.




That’s the mystery…

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Thanks for responding to us guys

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Thanks to you and all the Harley Quinn folks for all you do!


Thanks for taking the time to answer

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Never thought of that but surprised they haven’t done that already.

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Great Q&A guys! Thanks for joining us! Come back soon now! We love you!


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Me too! The closest we’ve gotten is Arkham Knight: Genesis, but that was kinda different. Harley was still under Joker’s thumb in that continuity.


That was amazing, @pmschumacker and @Justinhalpern.9624! Thank you so much for taking the extra time to respond to questions- hopefully we can have you back again soon! :heart::black_heart::green_heart:

Y’all, do make sure to watch this Friday’s episode - I won’t say more :zipper_mouth_face: but you won’t want to miss it, especially after reading all of Patrick & Justin’s thoughts on the matter!


The more I think about it, the more I realize that Batman doesn’t have NEARLY as personal a history and enmity with the Joker as Harley and Jason do. A longer one, and a more thematically appropriate one, but never really as personal.


Harley, Jason, and (Post-TKJ) Babs are really the Joker Trauma Club.

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What is your advice to other writers when it comes to writing a character/story that has already been written and interpreted so many times by others? How do you feel confident in your original take?

Shoot! I forgot this was today! But oh man, I love this entire conversation. Man I could just write a whole essay about the missed opportunities with Harley and Jason and how Jason has always empathized most with victims of abuse, particularly women and children, and how many complicated feelings he would have about Harley. I would die to see it dealt with on screen.


Closing this topic as the event is sadly over, but hopefully we can get Justin and Patrick to return for a third time in the future- thank you all for your questions, and an extra special thanks to our guests for taking the time to join us!