Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman

Is anybody a fan of this show? I called it my High school years show, cause it started when I first went to and ended when I left high school. I just wish it would last for more then 4 season. The show had alot of great episodes, my favorite has to be the first Christmas episode with a toy rats that made everyone greedy! What’s your favorite episode or things about Lois & Clark? :smiley:


Here’s my feelings on Lois & Clark: it’s mostly pretty bad, except for any scene where Lois is interacting with Clark, which is the best. Teri Hatcher IS Lois, but she’s at her best opposite Clark. The chemistry carries what would otherwise be a pretty forgettable take on Superman.


I love L&C so much! The chemistry and charm between them is unforgettable. Clark was lovable! And the Kents were the best Kents I’ve seen so far.

I think the last 2/3rds of season 3 dragged out a little too long (I don’t want to spoil it so I’ll just say that). But Season 4 was solid. I watched all four seasons when DCU launched. I get distracted with all the other awesome things DCU has to offer, but I often find myself missing L&C.


I love what I’ve seen of Lois and Clark and love it even more with each “new” (to me) episode I see.

I always meant to watch it when it was on ABC but I just couldn’t remember when it was on and there were alot of other TV shows I was more focused on at the time. I used to own the DVDs but didn’t watch them too often. I got into the show more a few years ago when The Hub aired it.

Seeing it on DCU however, has fully reignited my interest in the show. Once I’ve watched every episode, I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes an all time favorite of mine.


I haven’t seen it since it aired, but I was a fan when it came out (although it was a Superman show so it would have had to be pretty bad for me not to watch it). I do think it looked a little better at the time then it probably did now because it came on so soon after Superboy ened, and while Superboy was a fun show Lois and Clark definitely had it all over them in terms of quality.

I do plan to watch it when and if I ever finish Superboy. (please don’t let that rotate out before I finish. lol)

Forgot to specify a favorite episode. Well…from what I’ve seen so far, I really liked season 3 episode 1. Very romantic and ya got the destined lovers in the rain and it’s sweet and tender and all of that neat stuff.

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One of the best romantic, comedy-adventures in TV history! There’s chemistry exploding all over the screen between Teri and Dean. They laughed, they loved, they fought, but they always had each other’s back. And Teri’s Lois is every bit as smart and formidable as Dean’s Superman. She will always be my favorite Lois. As for favorite episode: The nod goes to season two’s “Tempus Fugitive.” It’s a filmed version of a classic Silver Age theme where the villain (Tempest) time travels in an attempt to kill Superman. I don’t want to spoil the episode for those who have not seen it, but it’s tons of fun. And there’s a special scene between Lois and Clark that distinctly crystalizes the duality between Clark and Superman. As Lex said to Otis in SupermanII, “You’ll know it when you see it”.


I love this show! I remember watching the premiere when I was ten. While I was very much a fan of the Superboy series, when it went off the air, I didn’t have any live action Super-shows to watch. Then came Lois and Clark. It took element from the comics I was reading at the time which was amazing, but it also did it’s own thing. To this day it has my favorite Perry White. And Dean Cain was awesome. His version of Clark is my favorite version. I got to meet him this past October at a convention and he was the nicest guy ever! A true class act!


The late Lane Smith was a terrific Perry White–authoritative, strong and wise. And as we Superman fans always knew–a big softie. Lane’s Perry is a mentor and a father to Jimmy and not an officious ogre. When I assemble my all-time live-action Superman cast, Lane Smith is my Perry White along with Chris Reeve (Superman), Teri Hatcher(Lois) and Jack Larson (Jimmy) rounding out the ensemble.


The romance put me off, so I didn’t watch it until reruns. I then became a huge fan, and was especially happy that they did other villains besides Lex Luthor. I really liked their take on Metallo, both ToyMan characters, Mxyzptlk, and others. Penn & Teller as well as other guest stars (most notably James Earl Jones) really put the show on the map too. Also, who didn’t want a Jeffersons reunion?


There was a great quote by Clark that always stuck with me: “Superman is what I can do. Clark is who I am”

I always loved that quote because that has always been my Superman. Between this show and the Post-Crisis version, Clark was always the real person and Superman was the disguise. He wasn’t born a human, sure, but he was raised as one. I love that the show leaned into that. I don’t mind previous takes on the character, but if I had a preference it wouldn’t be the “Kill Bill Speech” version of Superman/Clark Kent…it’s this one.


We must be the same age. It started my freshman year of high school and ended a few weeks before I graduated. I enjoyed the first season the best, but stuck with it up to the end. It was basically the only super hero/comic book show on at the time, so I took what I could get. Teri Hatcher was awesome as Lois. I was definitely one of those who contributed to her title of “Most Downloaded Woman” at the time. Dean Cain was decent in the role. I liked his portrayal of Clark, but his Superman lacked some of the authority and presence that Christopher Reeve’s take on the character had. Lane Smith was a joy as Perry White. I preferred original Jimmy from the first season, but get why they made the change.

Even though it was almost 30 years later, they still took a few cues from the ‘60s “Batman” show as far as the campy humor, and “special guest villains.” The second season starts this trend and some of the shows are hard to watch with a straight face. I enjoyed the Christmas episode with George & Louise Jefferson, but come on, that’s textbook stunt casting. And they were basically playing The Jeffersons, just with different names. Adam West and Frank Gorshin even show up in an episode.

But with that said, my favorite villain from the series aside from Lex Luthor is Tempus. He’s over-the-top and ridiculous and the character is in on the joke. Any episode with him in it is fun to watch.

I was bummed that the show ended on a cliffhanger. I think it would be fun if they would do a movie or limited series today and let us find out what happened, although I would assume that baby has graduated college by now! Dean and Teri at one point both expressed interest in a L&C revival. I think DC Universe should look into that… but the again, I really don’t want to hear Lois and Clark are going to start dropping F-bombs and faking orgasms, so maybe a L&C reunion is a better fit for the CW. It would also be cool to see a Superman story set in the character’s future after they’ve raised their kid(s) and Jimmy Olsen’s been allowed to grow up.

I’m hoping we get a cameo from them in the big “Crisis” event on CW next season.


The first thing I did when I got DCU is binge all four seasons of Lois & Clark since I hadn’t watched it before. I think it was good. It did what it was meant to do, which is focus on Lois & Clark, the relationship. Also, we got to see plenty of Clark as a reporter, something that hasn’t been done in live action that much. The special effects are…well…90s tv show special effects, but because the focus was not on entirely on Superman, I think it holds up well. There’s a still a ton more I would still like to see from a full blown Superman show, but that’s a subject for a separate topic. Favorite episode…don’t know…I binged it so fast it’s all a blur :joy:. The HG Wells episodes were memorable though. Favorite live action Lois, least favorite live action Lex.


I love Lane Smith. I love L&C. Great show.


I adore this show! My favorite episodes are the end of season 2 and beginning of Season 3. And most of season 4.

Dean Cain, Terri Hatcher, and the actors who played Perry White and the Kents were my favorites, but I loved all of them. I wish Cat Grant would’ve lasted for more than one season. This was and always will be one of my most favorite DC TV shows.


Great Shades of Elvis! Dean Cain was hired to play Clark Kent. The original executive producer honestly thought he was the best Clark Kent ever. There’s an argument-- he’s the only one to ever add a slight Kansas lilt.


@superby1, Yes, that quote you cited is, in a nutshell, the essence of Superman. Of course, Clark is the “real” guy. In the John Byrne continuity, he is literally born “on the farm”. And Lois and Clark was also obviously based on Byrne’s take. It makes so much sense to approach this near-omnipotent character from his human side so that you don’t (as creators) fall into all the current pitfalls of how do I write “god”. He’s a farmboy/journalist who puts on a garish costume when people need help. If he wasn’t human he would be Earth’s greatest nightmare instead of its greatest protector.


@baseballmaniac01.45870 well said!

From what I remember as a little kid at the time of original airing, I loved it. That and short lived Flash series bonded my grandmother and I. We would watch many TV shows together, Lois and Clark was one of our favorites. I plan on revisiting soon on DCU.


I’m actually in the process of watching it for the first time right now! I just got into the third season, and I’m really liking it. The chemistry is really good, and Lane Smith was a fantastic Perry White. It’s not a really good show to binge, as it gets very repetitive, but it’s still worth it to watch. Personally, not a huge fan of Teri Hatcher’s Lois, but I think that’s just because I’m more used to Erica Durance’s interpretation of the character on Smallville.