Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

My favorite show thank u for putting it on here


Yessssssssssssssssssssss!!! What am I doing every night? Watching LnC on DCU! Thank you so much for making my favorite show available for streaming! <3 @DCU for the win!!!


Hopefully this will get a HD treatment. Lots of great memories watching this with my mother growing up.


My favorite show Growing Up used to be on after American Gladiators

Where are the last 2 episodes?

I love where this series took things between Lois and Clark, it really added depth to already epic characters.

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I can’t wait to watch this with my daughter.

Yes, I’m finally able to stream a childhood favorite!

Such a classic, easily the best live action version of Lois Lane imo!

Even though it’s very 90s, I still love this version. One of the best live action adaptions. I wish they’d bring Superman back to TV in his own series.

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My wife and I love this show. Now we get to share it with our daughters.


Just watched the first episode and now I remember why I loved this show so much! I’m so happy to watch this show again!


Would’ve bought the service just for this show!


Easily one of the best shows on here


First time seeing this show, was a bit before my time.

Now why can’t modern movie execs understand that this is what Superman is really about, not 2 hrs of explosions and Christ allegory but just a regular guy with extraordinary powers trying to do the right thing.

So glad in Justice League we at least got to see Cavill actually acting like Superman for once.

But anyway, the chemistry between Hatcher and Cain was out of this world! Also, Shea as Lex really sold me. The whole casting is perfect, and the writing is actually good.


The costume and special effects might not have stood the test of time, but the charm definitely have. Still an awesome show, well worth watching.


I love this show so much I bought the dvd set. I didn’t know this was gonna be on here. I paid 60$ for all 4 seasons. But it’s okay I will always have the series even if they take it off here. This is my favorite superman series so hurt it was cut short.


Love this series. One of my favorite portrayals of both Superman and Lois Lane

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Is it just the pilot that’s in HD? Cause the sec ep is so blurry.