Loss of Content

I have been away for a while and just today I noticed a lot of the movies I had in my watch list are no longer available, most animated movies are gone as well. Or maybe I just cant find them or search engine is broken ?

Example: Justice league War, Throne of Atlantis, some other new 52 movies.

Does not make sense specially For a service with so little content in the movies and tv department. I wonder if this is due to old licensing agreements with other streaming companies. If so DC universe really is not worth the money.

It is because of licensing agreements. They should be back soon. If movies like JL War and stuff are gone the usually come back pretty fast. Keep checking the watchtower for updates.


At the end of the year a lot of them ol’ licensing agreements are up. Hopefully next moth we will see a huge increase in content.

Detail.on Watchtower Topoc

Look.at Watchtower for similar topic for February and other months, around middle of month so about two werks before rotation out

So can watch movies being rotated outkut before they leave

Also tells you new or returning videos

In general.comics snd TV seried do not rotate out.

Movies do but often come back in as lityle as two months. It varies. Batman 89 and three sequels has been out a while probably becuse 4k version gave then new life.

Most of the movies that left this month have left and returned in previous months

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