lots of stuff returning today

Batman vs Dracula and Batman subzero are finally here

Also some of the moves that left on Jan 1st should be her today I’m so excited lol


And I have noticed at least some comic titles have been removed. I was a few issues into the Rebirth version of Red Robin, but left it unattended for a few days, and it up and walked away, and is nowhere to be found now.

So it goes.

Moving on, and finding something else to do. :slight_smile:


The last titles to be removed from the service were removed in January. Due to a notable number of requests from the community, Red Robin (and a couple of other titles) were brought back for a limited time, in hopes that subscribers who missed it the first time would have enough time to finish it this last time around.
They were added back 7 weeks ago and only removed today.
The notice for their then-upcoming removal was posted in the “Last Chance” section on the home page.
We currently have no comics scheduled for removal.

Any communication we do have around content rotating out can be found in the “Last Chance” section on the home page or on the “Watchtower” here in the community.

You can find the Watchtower notice concerning the recently removed comics here: https://www.dcuniverse.com/community/boards/watchtower/second-chance-manhunter-

We hope this clears things up a bit for you! :blush:

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@KittyKrawler, I understood that there was probably a time limit, but I had not checked to see what that limit was. I had intended to get back to the Red Robin story the next day, but ended up getting distracted, as I often do. So waited too long. My bad.

I was not really all that invested in the story anyway. I had essentially learned what I wanted from the first three books. I had just wanted to learn who the character was, because I had not known anything about Red Robin before this. So my mission was fulfilled, even if I never had the chance to finish that story.

So if my post above sounded more melodramatic than it was intended to be, please forgive me.

Also, when I found the Red Robin comics had been removed, I just went to the Encyclopedia to get more of the background info, which I had intended to do anyway. From that information, I found that the second 52 changed quite a few things about Tim Drake, a character which had already evolved quite a bit since my last visits to his story, back in about 2007 or so. So, now that I am up to date, I am moving on.

I may want to check into remaining reading times though, if I want to get into another set of comic books in the future. I am interested in several comics, but I probably will not get to them in time. Gotta stop spending so much time here, and get some work done. I keep saying that, because it is true, but I am still lingering here at the moment. I really do need to get some stuff done soon though.


It’s hard to stay away for me too! I’m here during work and here during my free time. I love being surrounded by fellow fans and awesome content!

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