Man and Superman — Short Review

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Marv Wolfman. Thank you for making Superman a great character again. I know we’ve gotten several Superman origins throughout the years, but this was one of the best. We need Clark to be more of a pure-hearted person like he was in this story.


Solid read. Definitely a “Best of the Year” contender, which says something given where the year is ATM.


I’m glad this story finally got to be told. Marv must have felt pretty frustrated when Superman: Earth One pulled a lot of these tricks years after his story got canned, but I like Wolfman’s version better.


Great book! I loved it & it should have been published sooner. At least we have it now.

I know it wasn’t intended this way, but in a sense it could be seen as the next chapter in Superman: American Alien (one of my all-time favorite DC/Superman series).

Anywho, if you’re reading this and haven’t read “Man and Superman” stop what you’re doing and go buy it. Its that good.


I second the opinion of “great book” from the art , layout, colors, story. Solid story with real doubt and little battles and epic ones that actually make up a textured life of Clark Kent. Love what Lois Lane ,Perry White and Clark’s parents are like. Right up there with ALL STAR SUPERMAN and BIRTHRIGHT . Wish it went another eight books.