Man of Steel (2018-) #1

Man of Steel (2018-) #1

And so the next era of Superman begins with Bendis.

Tomasi’s Superman was so good, heres hoping Bendis can keep the ball rolling.


So glad this is on here so fast! I almost picked this up when it came out nut I already have too much on my pull list and couldn’t really afford it

This is a fantastic series. Really love everything Bendis has been doing with Superman. If you’ve been wanting to catch up with current Superman stuff, this is the place to start!


The start of one of the BEST Superman eras! This series is a GREAT start and the best is yet to come…trust me! The Unity Saga, Invisible Mafia, and Leviathan Rising are all AMAZING!!


Is this Rogol Zaar guy being set up to be the new doomsday? He is visually very similar to doomsday.

The Man Of Steel mini series was a great way to start off Bendis vision for Superman and where it’s at right now with the Leviathan storyline I am really enjoying!

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This mini series is absolutely amazing!! Gripping, Action packed, and an absolute amazing story!! Love the villain, Love the story, and Love Superman!!! Definitely recommend this mini series!!