Manhunter (2004-) #19

Manhunter (2004-) #19

Seeing all of the Manhunters and the different suits in that last page was so cool.

It was also great seeing Alan Scott! I had no idea that Damon’s boyfriend was that Todd. Todd James Rice AKA Obsidian! Manhunter always brings in other DC characters in such a seamless and natural way.

This issue was incredible. The way Kate took down Pratt using the teleportation device was actually a bit shocking. I didn’t think they’d show it. I wish more people would give this book a chance. It is stellar.


I remember that a bunch of DC books had these wonderful pages showing the various versions of the character through DC history on the final page before their 1 Year Later book. I don’t recall seeing this one before, so it was great to see all the versions in one spot.

This book could easily be a television show! It has all the beats of a drama superhero show. Kate is very quick on her feet and quick to do whatever it is she needs to do to keep the people who deserve to be alive alive. I love this book so much and highly recommend others to read it.