Manhunter (2004-) #2

Manhunter (2004-) #2

I love Kate Spencer. She is flawed and so not like other DC characters. I definitely am enjoying this series and feel this second issue really helps establish who Kate is better. Looking forward to reading the rest of this odd superhero series.


I’m really enjoying this so far. I like the inclusion of lesser used villains like Copperhead and the Shadow Thief. Interested to see who else crops in this series that shows a lot of promise. I also love the call back to one of the lesser known events involving Manhunter sleeper agents on Earth and an invasion from the actual Manhunters. It’s cool to see someone put their tech to good use. I’ve always been a fan of the Manhunters as villains so this series is a real treat for me. I’m excited to read the rest of the series and see what this story has in store. It’s exciting to see what threats try to escape the Manhunter.

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I like seeing this type of character depicted. Typically we see male characters shown like this, in a not so positive light that still manages to cast them as likable. She’s pretty interesting and seeing what types of villains she’ll go up against in future issues is intriguing. Her relationship with her son and his father is pretty realistic. I’m liking the career and family aspect of the book as much as the superhero business.