March Madness Brackets! What Do You Want To See?

It’s that special time of year where we as a people agree that we can pit gigantic categories against each other and ritualistically dispel them to reveal one true victor. And DC Universe is no exception!

What challengers do you want to see?
Magic vs. Science?
Krypton vs. Gotham?
Robots vs. Plants?

The options are endless. Let us know your suggestions in the comments below!


Best Robin? Best sidekick? Best Doom Patrol member? Best Justice League member?


Magic vs Science would be awesome! Other suggestion: is it better to be born with powers or to get powers later in life through a genetic-altering accident?

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I feel like best DC super hero or JL members or sidekick will be too one sided. No suspense in that. Although, those are great suggestions redhood.

Best written comic/graphic novel? Maybe 2 per super hero because Batman has too much and might be unfair to others. Lol.

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Aliens vs. Humans


DC vs Wildstorm


Expand on the versus episodes of DC University and from DC All Access, and have versus for all DC Comics characters. Not only would that last longer than just March, but there would be multiple formats. One could be for who is the strongest, another for which has the best costume, another for best personality, etc. If something like that happened, our time would be occupied for many years for just that.


really like @abfgmsw’s idea! You could get really creative with that.

Other than that, maybe different orgins of powers…like meta humans vs. aliens vs. magic based powers, etc(I know there are more but I just woke up and can’t think lol). And aliens I should say are purely just aliens to EARTH so green lantern…lobo…all kryptonians, starfire, etc.

And if you really wanna make it engaging, have multiple rounds with different conditions favoring one of the contestants cuz we would want it so its not predictable considering we got some heavy hitters on DC comics. So like for instance:

Aquaman vs. black canary
round 1: on the shore of a beach
round 2: open courtyard in a city or something away from water
round 3: idk something else even lol

But obviously you guys would have to play with it:) love this idea tho, can’t wait to see what you all decide on!!


Your idea of meta humans against aliens against magic users is similar to Injustice 2. It sounds like a great idea for those that don’t play the Injustice games or may be interested in a new spin to how the characters may match.


Magic vs Science!
I’m a huge lover of both sci-fi and fantasy, so this is my bread and butter hahaha

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I’m Magic vs Science all the way. The JL Dark comics on here were such a great read, depicting that exact scenario. Awesome art in them too. Plus Swamp Thing is in the mix. With Zee, Constantine, Frankenstein, Black Orchid, Nightmare Nurse, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Phantom Stranger, Timothy Hunter, Princess Amethyst, Pandora, & the JL etc. Ones on this site I mean. Loved it all. From the house of mystery, to the Magic Underworld., to Felix Faust & Nick Necro causing chaos, Nanda Parbat, all the lost realms. Yeah, Magic & Science 100%.


@djd187 agreed!! Honestly JLA Dark got me soo hype for the live action Swamp Thing!!! Especially when I saw Xanadu was gonna be in it

What about a bracket of some creators! Artist vs Writers!!

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Whichever team Batman is on wins. Batman always wins!

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