Mariko Tamaki & Mikal Janin take over Wonder Woman in June

Starting with issue #760, this apparent first arc will deal with the people’s expectation of Wonder Woman, coinciding with the return of Maxwell Lord (just in time for the movie, what a coin-kee-dink!).

For those who don’t know, Mariko Tamaki started out in prose writing, but has done a few comics, from original works like “Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me,” to stuff for Marvel and DC, like She-Hulk, Supergirl: Being Super, and Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass. Mikal Janin is now probably most well known for being a frequent artist for Tom King’s run on Batman.

What do you guys think of this? Looking forward to seeing what she can do with the character?


I’m intrigued. I’m not reading Wonder Woman right now, but by the time the new creative team and movie come along, that could change.