Master Thread: "I'm New to DC Comics! What Should I Read?"

Since people are still adding suggestions. I would like to say I would love Batman:Cacophony and/or Batman: Batman: The Widening Gyre. Since we got the Kevin Smith Green Arrow stories, why not get his Batman stories. Especially Cacophony since it features Onimonipia (however that is spelled) who was introduced in his last Green Arrow story.

Since there are already many suggestions based on style, I’ll make some character-based suggestions for new readers who want to dig into certain characters.

Start with the Rebirth run by Gleason and Tomasi (2016-). You might get a little confused when you reach the Mxyzptlk arc. But all you need to know about this arc is that it’s meant to merge the identities of New 52 and Pre-Flashpoint Superman back together.

Wonder Woman:
Star with the Rebirth run by Rucka (2016-)

Read Court of Owls and follow through Snyder’s New 52 run (2011-2016)

Green Lantern
If you want to dive deep into Green Lantern mythos, definitely read the run by Geoff Johns (2005-2011). It completely redefined the modern worlds of Green Lantern. On the other hand, if you just want to casually read something about GL, the Rebirth run on Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz (Green Lanterns, 2016-) has some good stories and is a great starting point.

The Flash:
If you are interested in reading Wally West as the Flash, start with Mark Weid run or Geoff Johns run. Or if you prefer to read more about Barry Allen, just start with the Rebirth run by Williamson (2016-). The two-Wally West thing might get a little confusing if you start here, but I don’t think it will be a serious problem for the reading.

Start with Geoff Johns New 52 run (2011- ). Great stories, and the whole run is what the movie is based on.

These are just my two cents, and I’m not all that familiar with many other characters, so I guess I’ll leave those to someone else :wink:

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The best way to recommend comics to somebody new on the app is to recommend comics you can read here on the app

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@Issac Brown is right.

The stories should be on the app.

Hopefully more of the stories listed above, like New Frontier, will be added, at least the movie version.

But for now:

Batman new 52 (2011) and Rebirth (2016)

Aquaman new 52

Green Lantern, Geoff Johns

Teen Titans Marv Wolfman/ Perez and Geoff Johns

JLA Morrison

JSA Geoff Johns

Wonder Woman Perez

Swamp Thing Alan Moore

Doom Patrol, Start with my Greatest Adventure, then rest.

Green Arrow Jeff Lemire.

Nothing so far, for Flash, Supergirl, Superman and legion of Super Heroes. Their titles in the library are so far not been updated yet.

Now, I don’t have a subscription to the app, so I can’t really say if these are on it (they probably aren’t). For a new fan who likes humor, there are four series that I would recommend. 1- Ambush Bug or Son of Ambush Bug: He’s a crazy schizophrenic who found a teleporting Bug suit. He constantly causes trouble for Superman, and he has a sidekick named Cheeks (who is a stuffed animal/toy). 2- Lobo: Lobo is the baddest and coolest bounty hunter in the galaxy (move over Boba Fett; sorry!) Any series that is called Lobo is always darkly humorous and always makes me laugh out loud. Check out Lobo: Infanticide and Lobo’s Back. 3- Justice League Europe and Justice League International: this is the funniest iteration of the JL. Whether it be Booster Gold and Blue Beetle’s pranks or the antics and anger if Guy Gardener, this series has something for everyone! 4- ‘Mazing Man: This is really obscure now, due to its being from the eighties and probably not many remember it. ‘Mazing Man is a short and goofy superhero. He was a hobo who one day found a helmet in a dumpster and put it on, also snagging a little costume while he was at it. His adventures were very weird and often ridiculous, and heart warming too, sorta like the Animaniacs show.

I was given Harley Quinn volume 6 of Black, White, and Red all over. I am a mom and my daughter has loved Harley Quinn for years from batman tv animated series and she now is on a quest to read all of the Harley comics. I have tried looking at timelines but the timelines go all over the place and you see volume this and that with this and that, etc… I am just really wanting someone to please give me the names of the five volumes before this one and any names of volumes that come after this one? Or am I supposed to be mixing and matching? can anyone help me out? Would be very appreciative and thankful.

Crisis On Infinite Earths.
Blackest Night.
The Killing Joke.
JLA Tower Of Babel.
Kingdom Come.
Identity Crisis.
JSA Power Tip.
Suicide Squad for humor imho. It was funny to me that is.

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JL Dark for magic, almost forgot, its great.

Honestly I’d start anywhere. I’ve been reading DC for a long time. Not all the comics are gems, but I’d say about 90% or more are simply fun to read. With 80+ years of comics, there’s something for everyone. Hopefully they’ll continue to expand the library, as well as the search and filtering capabilities

I wouldn’t mind reading from any of those categories. What I mind is what is covered in the comics. If there was a way to categorize comics to a similar structure like, I would prefer that.

Thank you all for the input!! I have managed to snag about 14 trade paperbacks from Ebay and Amazon so far, plenty to get started with!

Where did this thread get to?

Crime Drama -
Gotham Central
Catwoman (2002)

The best way to start, IMHO, is with the greatest stuff, like ALL-STAR SUPERMAN, THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, WATCHMEN, PLANETARY (amazing piece of art, if you haven’t read it), FLASHPOINT, FINAL CRISIS, etc. Find the heroes you like best, and read their books.

Only a recommendation, but it’s a good start.

Bumping this for @spiritlights432!


I would say The Question by Denys Cowan and Denny O’neill. Silver Age Doom Patrol if ya dont mind reading alot. And Manhunter by Marc Andreyko.

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Gotham Academy, its unlike anything else DC came out with.

“Madame Xanadu”, self contained don’t have to worry about the order or ruining a crossover by reading issue involved in it. Plus it’s the best comic I’ve read on this site that I’d never heard of. I believe it won 4 Eisner awards but didn’t fact check, almost positive that’s true tho. It definitely won more then 2.

JL Dark, Swamp Thing, Frankenstein agents of shade, Animal Man then read “Rotworld”

Almost anything JLA ( especially Morrison) & JSA. If it doesn’t bother u start with the older ones.

All star Squadron & Infinity inc.

Batman can’t miss really same with WW or Supes

Lastly, anything Geoff Johns, Jack Kirby, Grant Morrison, Brad Meltzer, Gail Simone, George Perez. Anything Teen Titans & Titans & Outsiders. Got sloppy so many more but I’m ruining this thread going all over the place.

Sorry I’m back already Doom Patrol anything Doom Patrol. Worth it to start at ground floor as far back as u can go til the recents. All of em so worth it.

Well depends on your taste.
If you like grittier crime stories, I would personally recommend the Mike Grell: Green Arrow run. It’s my personal favorite run of my second favorite character. Any run of ‘The Question’ is a good starting point as well if you want something a little more obscure and get some easy fan points for reading that character.
If you like any kind of mythology and more fantasy based kind of stories, I would start with George Perez’s ‘Wonder Woman’ run. It’s my favorite comic run on my favorite character. If you want something that isn’t quite so tied to Greek mythology, Jack Kirby’s ‘New Gods’ is great for some essential DC mythology.
Into science fiction, Geoff Johns ‘Green Lantern’ is iconic and extremely well done. John Byrne’s run on ‘Man of Steel’ and the following Superman stories until ‘The Return of Superman’ is great and probably my favorite Superman comic era. Though Peter David’s Supergirl is very good as well.
Maybe you’re more into ensemble books, then you should definitely check out George Perez and Marv Wolfman’s run on ‘New Teen Titans’. It is the essential read for DC team books that is closest to Claremont’s ’ Uncanny X-men’ in terms of great quality team books. Grant Morrison’s run on JLA is great if you want the classic ‘Justice League’ with wonderful characterization. I’ll even add the 1984 run on ‘Legion of Superheroes’ as great read. This last pick won’t help all that much if you’re not into the show, but the Greg Weisman ‘Young Justice’ tie-in comics are great. Just stick through issues 3-6 as they are not written by him; I would even say you could skip those issues. Oh, almost forgot, Chuck Dixon’s ‘Birds of Prey’ is the best run on that title in my personal opinion.
Can’t give you any recommendation in terms of horror as it’s not my cup of tea. Some final recommends with no common themes: The ‘Injustice’ comic run is the best alternate universe story. Marv Wolfman’s run on Deathstroke is my favorite run on an anti-hero. Chuck Dixon’s run on Nightwing is an excellent pick for a Batman universe book. 90’s run on the ‘Robin’ book is very good as well. Final run recommend would be Paul Dini’s run on Zatanna if you are into a more mystical side of comics.
Hope this list helps you out(even if it is coming almost a year after the post.