Master Thread: "I'm New to DC Comics! What Should I Read?"

Read the current series Batman and the Outsiders (there’s only been 3 issues and it has Black Lightning as the leader of the team), Scott Snyder’s new 52 Batman run would be a good jumping on point, for Superman I would read Jurgens rebirth run and Tomasi’s. They were phenomenal and for me a top 5 rebirth book. Also, another two great books are Super Sons, and Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps.


Hahah I feel like we’re in the same boat. I just started reading comics this summer and I really enjoy the new rebirth series. I personally started with the teen titans and spread out from there. The comics will usually make you read multiple at once for you to understand a storyline, backstory, or crossover.


If you’re really wanting to get into what’s CURRENTLY happening with Batman, then start at Detective Comics #994. I really like Tom King’s run that started in Batman (2016) #1, but since that run is nearly over, you might as well focus on Detective Comics instead as a jumping-on point for current events.

Both of Superman’s main titles are being written by the same author, and his run began in the 2018 Man of Steel six-issue miniseries before continuing in Superman (2018) #1 and Action Comics (2016) #1001.

Dick Grayson is currently in a bit of a transitional phase, and here’s a place where you might want to take a quick dip into Tom King’s Batman (2016) for issues 54-57. After that, you can start with Nightwing (2016) #50. If you want to start a tad earlier, you can read Nightwing #44-49 before going to Batman #54.


Note: much of what I listed above isn’t available on this service quite yet. If you’re wanting to go with fairly recent stuff, follow the advice above and go to the 2016 Rebirth books for each character. However, you will want to read the following books in this exact order first:

  1. Superman: Lois and Clark (2015) #1-8
  2. Superman (2011) #51
  3. Batman/Superman (2013) #31
  4. Action Comics (2011) #51
  5. Superman/Wonder Woman (2013) #28
  6. Batman/Superman (2013) #32
  7. Action Comics (2011) #52
  8. Superman/Wonder Woman (2013) #29
  9. Superman (2011) #52
  10. DC Universe: Rebirth (2016)

And to make sense of that last book, you may also want to make sure you’re at least familiar with Flashpoint (2011) #1-5 and the premise of the New 52 continuity that started in 2011. (If you want to jump back even further than 2016’s Rebirth for books, the next logical starting point is the line-wide 2011 reboot.)


Now that I’ve answered your question, I’ll agree with everyone who has been saying that you should at least try out some older comics. I’m going to make some typical sample recommendations for Superman and Batman from every decade from the 1940s to the 1990s so that you can get a sense of what the books are like in every era. If you don’t like the style of the suggested books from a certain decade, then you may want to avoid stories from that period in the future.

Action Comics #22-23:
Detective Comics #40:

World’s Finest #88:
Detective Comics #298:

Action Comics #318:
Detective Comics #319:

Superman #248:
Detective Comics #478-479:

Superman #2:
Detective Comics #604-607:

Action Comics #672:
Batman #550:

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Batman (as rundown as I can)
Zero year /year one
Man who laughs
Long Halloween
Dark victory
Killing joke
Death in the family
A lonely place of dying
Under the red hood
All of grant Morrisons run
Scott Snyder’s run of Batman and all star Batman to metal
Kings run

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Dick is easier :
Dark victory
Robin year one
Teen Titans 80s (no longer cannon but fun)
Nightwing 90s (same here )
New 52
Rebirth and Titans

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My favorite DC book right now is the current Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen. Each issue is a great stand alone story by Matt Fraction that is funny and exciting while contributing to a running background plot about the past of Olsen’s family and their history in Metropolis.

While we are waiting for this book to appear digitally you should check out some of the past Jimmy Olsen books on DCU. Jimmy Olsen has managed to get in trouble with almost every hero and villain in DC and his past adventures provide a lot of insight on Superman’s motives. You can see in the past series how Jimmy has had so much influence on Superman’s actions and motives.

If you’re interested in an older title that has an ongoing story, The New Teen Titans (1980s) from Marv Wolfman and George Perez has been entertaining me for a while now, and it kind of got me back into reading comics. Perez happens to be one of my favorite artists. So there’s some bias.

I’d also recommend Batman Year One, it’s four issues and tells a good story from back when Frank Miller was still a pretty strong and respectable voice. You’ll definitely see a lot of familiar stuff here though.

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Read John Byrne’s Superman stuff. Any of it. All of it. It’s great stuff, you’ll love it.

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This! I could tell you things to read from 20 years ago, but what good is that if you can’t understand what’s going on?

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If you love Batman and the whole bat family then i highly suggest Scott Snyders run and also there is a run called Batman: Damned. Where Dick is Batman. There’s also an area on here that says “get to know” or you can go to the encyclopedia where it shows you where you should start. Welcome to the community by the way!


These are great! What would be a good starting comic series for a teenage girl that wants to start reading about Wonder Woman?


I sughest

2016 Wonder Woman Year One. Issues 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 Rucka Scott

1987 Wonder Woman by Perez. This Diana is new to Man’s world. Not an experiencef super hero at all.
Like in Justice League TV.series

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Hi there, big Marvel fan here! I wanted to start reading more DC to expand my horizons and wanted to hear some recommendations! I know I like Raven, Batgirl and Zatanna. Any recommendations are appreciated, even if they’re not based on those characters! :catwoman_hv_4:


I’m curious as to what Raven, Batgirl, and Zatanna stories you have read. The first two characters have “Get to Know” pages here with recommended readings:

We also have similar pages for Batwoman, Supergirl, and Catwoman:

With Zatanna, you can check out her solo series and her appearances in Justice League Dark:

And there’s also her appearances with the Seven Soldiers of Victory:


I purchased and read Raven, Daughter of Darkness (2018) as it was coming out. I’m currently reading Batgirl: Year One and enjoying it a lot! For Zatanna, I haven’t really read comics following her but I’ve always been interested in the concept of her!


You might want to check out the 1988 retelling of Zatanna’s origin, which also covers the origin of her father, Zatara (one of DC’s oldest heroes, debuting in Action Comics #1 right beside Superman!). It appears in Secret Origins #27.

Batgirl’s origin was retold around the same time in Secret Origins #20 by Barbara Randall, and Raven’s origins were covered by creator Marv Wolfman in Tales of the New Teen Titans #2.


Thank you! Any personal recommendations? Comics you love?


I’m particularly fond of Barbara Gordon, and my go-to series for her is Batman Family, which is set during her days in Congress. Granted, the comic is from the mid-1970s, so if you’re not used to Bronze Age storytelling, it will take a bit of adjustment. The Gordon family gets a nice (if disturbing) feature in the story Black Mirror, set during Dick Grayson’s time as Batman.