MASTER TOPIC: Comic Book Collection Requests 📚

For comics that are NOT on the service, please submit your requests to our Comic Book Print to Digital Request Thread.

As any red-blooded comic book reader on DC Universe knows, we have a whole world of issues bundled into Collections for your pleasure. These come in a few different forms:

  • Get To Know: Just getting started on a new character, and want to know where to start? Look no further than our Get To Know section! Broken down by characters like Batwoman, Stargirl, and Jason Todd, our Get to Know Collections by exploring digestible highlights across comics, encyclopedia entries, and episodes of your selected character’s stories and appearances.

  • Storylines: Here, we bundle notable storylines from across various character runs to preserve appearance continuity and dedicated moments within a greater series. Want to know every issue that complements the massive event of Crisis on Infinite Earths, or easily nab The Judas Contract storyline out of the entirety of Teen Titans? We’ve got you covered!

  • Showcase: In our Showcase collections, we gather comics from all across DC history, characters and creators to reflect greater themes, like Legendary Tales of The Joker, Epic Fight Scenes, Hispanic Heritage, Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern, or The Horrors of DC Universe.

Many of these collections have been driven by your requests across the Community. Today, we are creating an entire topic dedicated to your submissions! Let us know in the comments below what collection you would like to see. It’s always helpful if you provide any issues you think would be relevant.

This is YOUR Universe- tell us what you want to see!


Cosmic / Sci-Fi DC. A curated set of space / sci-fi comics. Adam Strange, Hawkman, Space Cabbie, the Atomic Knights, and others.


I originally posted this in the Comic Issue Reports thread, but since we have this thread now, I’ll copy it over here:

Since then, I’ve found a slightly alternate order that’s by issue publication date:

  1. Seven Soldiers of Victory #0
  2. Shining Knight #1
  3. Guardian #1
  4. Zatanna #1
  5. Klarion #1
  6. Shining Knight #2
  7. Guardian #2
  8. Zatanna #2
  9. Klarion #2
  10. Shining Knight #3
  11. Guardian #3
  12. Zatanna #3
  13. Klarion #3
  14. Shining Knight #4
  15. Guardian #4
  16. Mister Miracle # 1
  17. Zatanna #4
  18. Klarion #4
  19. Bulleteer #1
  20. Frankenstein # 1
  21. Mister Miracle #2
  22. Bulleteer #2
  23. Frankenstein #2
  24. Mister Miracle #3
  25. Bulleteer #3
  26. Frankenstein #3
  27. Mister Miracle #4
  28. Bulleteer #4
  29. Frankenstein #4
  30. Seven Soldiers of Victory #1

I assume one of these to be correct. Thanks!


Adventures of the Super Sons 11 and 12, the first 10 are there but the last 2 are missing

I am working on reading the Batman Cataclysm, Aftershock, Road to No Man’s Land, and No Man’s Land arcs…for some reason Azrael Agent of the Bat 41-49 are not showing on here? Anybody know if there’s any particular reason why it jumps from issue 40 straight to issue 50? And is there any plan on adding these missing 9 issues at some point?

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Not sure if this is possible, but I’m trying to read the entire Bat Family from Year One to today and it would be really cool if there was a way to select certain series and have them automatically combined in chronological order.

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I think the New Krypton storyline would be good to add.


Sorry if this is the wrong spot, but I wasn’t sure where else to suggest it (mods, please feel free to move to the right place). DC recently launched a new online catalog for new comic and collectible solicitations. Is there anyway this can be made available here on DCU? I think it can spark many discussions, and gawking at the art alone can be fun. Here is a link:

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I don’t have word of any plans in place for now for specific titles being added, @jtolliver23.40444, but we thank you for mentioning what you have, so we’ll know of your interest in having such added; likewise with your post, @moro! We appreciate the head’s up about that!

Thanks for covering both bases, @wilkinswontkins, and thank you for everyone being so specific in what they’d like to see, as well - it comes in handy! :slight_smile:


I’d like to see a way to sort by rating or a collection for younger readers. The kids are really enjoying the lego and animated content. They’d like to start reading comics but age appropriate comics aren’t easy to find quickly.


Ah, that’s definitely something to think about, @sdup.2054 - I think something similar has been asked about in the past, so we thank you for the reminder! :slight_smile:

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The Electric Suit Saga from the Superman books would be a schway get for Collections.

To see the books needed for this, simply check out the Superman: The Triangle Era volume 3 collection. It begins at Superman #122 (triangle 1997: 15) and ends at Superman #135 (triangle 1998: 20). Technically, it ends in the Superman Forever one-shot, but that isn’t yet available in digital.

While some of the books in this collection will also appear in the forthcoming Millennium Giants collection, an entire Electric Suit Saga collection would be most welcome, as it’s one of the more unique periods of the Triangle Era and deserves oodles of spotlight.


Request noted, @Vroom, thank you! :smiley:

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You’re welcome, and thank you @MissInkBlot. :+1:

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Still trying to collect all of Batman: Cataclysm and Batman: Blackgate Isle of men is still missing

I’ve noted these requests and sent them up to the team. Thanks so much!

I have noticed an issue with the “Tower of Babel” JLA collection. It contains and starts with JLA issue 42 that has nothing to do with the 4 part JLA “Tower of Babel” storyline.

Will it get flagged here, or should it go under the “Submit all comics issues here”?

Supposedly the full Superman “triangle era” is on here,but it’s not. Action #663 is missing,and it seems fairly integral to understanding the next part of the story.


Unfortunately, there are large stretches of Post-Crisis Action Comics, including a chunk from the first year or so of the Triangle Era, that have not been digitized. The gaps make that early stretch a bumpy read, but DCU isn’t responsible for the initial digitization, so there’s sadly not much they can do about it until someone else gets around to it.

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The Comic Issues thread would’ve been fine, but since I’m collecting feedback, it’s fine that it’s here, @DeSade-acolyte - I’ll make sure it goes to the right place! :slight_smile: Adding your finds to the list, @kidnicky1980.16257, and thank you for being so kind in assisting with answering questions, @BatJamags! :smiley: