MASTER TOPIC: Comic Book Collection Requests 📚

We appreciate the new content mentions - thank you all for sharing what you’d like to see added! :slight_smile:

@nightwing3935 - I’d have to check and see what plans are in mind for that, but just in case, I’ll pass your question onto the team so we can look into incorporating that in, in either case. Thank you for asking about it!

@kccoig14.52666 - Some titles aren’t available due to things like legal restrictions/contractual agreements, or due to type (such as, as others have mentioned, if they’re graphic novels, etc), so at the moment, we don’t have any news to share on what is certain to be available. We do keep the community updated on what’s being added in the Watchtower section via our monthly “Last Chance & Coming Soon” threads, however. If you’ve not seen them yet, you can check out the latest one here!

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Thank you!!

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Love to see the rest of Batman & Dracula trilogy on here.
Red Rain is only the first of three but it’s a complete story and so good.

Also, DC owns all that weird Ditko stuff. Wish we could see more of it.

Could we please get a collection of Batman Cataclysm and Road to No Man’s Land? This gets requested on a fairly regular basis, so I know I’m not the only one who wants it.

Thank you.


All three story arcs go together I’d love to see a collection of all of them.

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This probably won’t happen because there’s already a Geoff Jones Green Lanter collection, but I’ll request it anyways. I’d love a mid 2000s Green Lantern collection that includes Jones’ work as well as the Green Lantern Corps series that ran along side it, the 12 issue ION series, as well as any other issues relating to this entire GL continuity.

With all the crossovers between GL and GL Corps both need to be read for the best experience. A lot of foreshadowing future Green Lantern stories stem from the Corps series. With the Corps Series being so important I’d love for a collection including the corps series, Ion, and everything else related.

What I want this collection to be is a definitive reading list of everything pertaining the mid 2000s Green Lantern continuity. So that readers can easily dive into the full universe, and not just Jones’ work. I’d love to have both the GL and GL Corps series in one collection so that readers don’t have to go back and forth between two listings and can find both series in one location.


Thanks for the latest shared requests! We look forward into seeing what we can do! :slight_smile:


There are only 3/4 of Batman: Creature of the Night

It looks really good, but I don’t want to start it if I can’t finish it

Also Batman: Damned would be great to accompany that

Is that regular or Black Label?

Batman: Damned is black label

Geoff Johns Stargirl/JSA collection
Geoff Johns Teen Titans collection
Geoff Johns Superman collection

Not likely to be up yet

Zatana’s Search collection, the first ever comic book crossover story arc, storyline collection

Hawkman #4

Detective Comics #336

Atom #19 (not on the site but reprinted in Detective Comics #438 which is on the site)

Green Lantern 60s #42

Detective Comics #355

Justice League of America #51

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hope those work out

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@MissInkBlot, is there a chance that Shadowpact #17-25 might be added soon? It’d be great to finish the run. Thanks, keep up the great work! :grin:

OMG :heart_eyes: Thank you so very much keepers of the DC Universe! I hopped on just now after a several day break, and there is Batman Cataclysm, just as requested! Thank you so much for coming through.

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