MASTER TOPIC: Custom DC Emoji Suggestions!

Indeed they are copyrighted, and by Hasbro.

Probably under trademark, not copyright, actually. Logos generally aren’t complex enough to be protected under copyright.

Knowing Hasbro, they have it copyrighted and trademarked.

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Either way (or both), it would require a legal agreement (and I’d guess financial compensation) to use.

Not so, sort of. The US Patent and Trademark Office has the trademark for the name Kenner on file (registration no. 0799057), but not the logo. However, it’s a quirk of the trademark law system that you don’t need to register a trademark to sue for trademark infringement, so Hasbro probably retains a common law trademark in the logo

However, to sue for copyright infringement, you must register a copyright (the copyright exists otherwise and you can register at any time, even after the infringement you intend to sue for has already happened), and the copyright office would reject any registration for the logo because simple words and typefaces are explicitly not subject to copyright. Copyright is a much bigger stick to swing than Trademark, so allowing copyright in things like the Kenner logo would provide a monopoly on fancy blue-and-white depictions of names (which Hasbro clearly does not have), and, for that matter, render trademark law entirely redundant.

@DeSade-acolyte is right, though, that there would probably have to be a licensing agreement to use the logo, which to my knowledge doesn’t have that much to do with DC. It’s just as an aspiring intellectual property lawyer, I felt I should probably bring the distinction up as a point of order.

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Actually, scratch this. With a trademark in the name as a word, they protect any use of the name, and so registering the logo would be redundant because it is the name.

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Guys, Kenner was suggested only in fun. Thank you for the info @BatJamags.

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Thanks for the clarification, I have copyrighted several works but they have been in book and script form. So automatically think of Copyright, when Trademark is the case. My bad!

Actually I thought it’d be a cool idea for a few badges, but I knew there would be some legal hurdles.

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The Kenner name is out and about on assorted apparel based products (likely all custom made and not officially licensed by Hasbro), but I can understand why a digital badge wouldn’t work for it on DCU.

adds “Kenner t-shirt” to his Ask Santa For… list

If they are not being sold by chain retailers like Hot Topic and the like…yeah they are most likely pirated.

The only company that sends squads of lawyers after anybody is Disney. I remember wanting to use the quote “Oh, bother. -Winnie the Pooh” in a book and legal wouldn’t allow it, even though it was a tech book, and not in anyway competing with a Disney area and should have fallen under fair use rules. But, legal straight up told me. Even though it is owned by A. A. milne’s estate and not Disney, they were not gonna allow it because of the risk that Disney would, as likely as not, bring legal action. And this was the early ‘00s, before they became the true 800lb gorilla in the room.

Please add Penguin please. :penguin::penguin::penguin:, No no, not that Penguin, the villain Penguin from Batman. :grinning:

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The flash lightning bolt
The Batman bat symbol
The classic comic “BAM” “POW” was a good idea @Versias had for all those mic drop moments
And the classic Superman “S” would be a great place to start!


Definitely all of the super hero logos, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Red and Green Arrow, and Robin, just to name a few.

Some villain idea, Riddler’s ?, Harley Quinn’s diamonds, Twoface’s face, some vines for Posion Ivy, and every Joker face variation.

Other ideas, batarang/birdarang, all the Batman bat logos, Katana’s mask and sword, Cheshire’s mask, kryptonight, and a green tiger for Beast Boy.


More great ideas! Keep 'em coming, folks! :green_heart:

Batman ‘66 emojis would be a fun throwback, as well as other “old classics” like Kamandi! I would also love a cool Deathstroke mask.

How’s about emojis of famous content creators? I’d utilize a Jack Kirby emoji toot sweet. An emoji of Paul Dini would be delightful, while one for Bruce Timm would be tops!

Yes, I know likeness issues are likely involved, but it never hurts to suggest things like this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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An emoji of the Hall of Doom :joker_hv_1:


Please add Wonder Woman, Penguin and Robin emojis please. :slightly_smiling_face: