MASTER TOPIC: Digital Badge Suggestions!

Hey, we need a Larfleeze badge for people with more than 10 badges.

@ralphsix helped me come up with the idea.


I’ve done the tutorial and the advanced tutorial but I haven’t gotten the badges yet. Did I miss something?

My suggestion is to have a Spoiler badge if you use spoiler tags a certain number of times.

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@MissInkBlot looks like the Master Detective badge got fixed. Thanks for your help. :+1:

Like cyberbatgirl I’m sorry if this is not the correct thread. There are sooo many. I had a suggestion for badges. Certain badges like Play Fair and Completed your team training, should link to those activities. Like Fair Play is to read the community guide lines so I should be able to click on it and it takes me directly to the guidelines. Also there should be a radial button at the end that you can click so that you can mark you’ve read it and the badge can be earned. Because I read the guidelines and still haven’t gotten my badge yet.

@pmoslice I initially had trouble earning the ‘Play Fair’ badge even though I read the guidelines. Eventually I found that you earn the badge while you complete the tutorial that gives the ‘complete you’re team training’ badge.

To start the tutorial, send a message to @Kelex and say “start tutorial”.

I hope that helps you.


Thanks for the tip. I’ve not interacted with the community too much, until know. I went through the same thing with DCAA. I’m glad I finally have it adds such a great dimension to an amazingly great service.