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Batman Beyond season 2&3 Remastered is not on the service. And today is the January 22, 2020.
Maybe later? Tomorrow?

Applejack checked into it in another thread, and it turned out it was just a typo. It was supposed to be the 29th, not the 22nd.

RE: Batman Beyond Seasons 2 & 3 in HD, we have an update: The release date is January 29th, 2020, NOT January 22nd. We hope you can be sustained another week with the SD quality of both seasons. We sincerely apologize for any frustration this has caused, and we will be updating our posts with this information immediately. In the meantime, please keep an eye on the Watchtower today for announcements regarding what’s coming in February, this time with correct dates! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks @BatJamags, made a small edit to the date you mentioned :slight_smile:

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And then I typo’d too. Thanks for fixing that.

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I’m on high alert now :laughing:


Still love, use, and recommend the DCU Encyclopedia daily! As mentioned in the Plastic Man egg thread, can you please add more information about Plastic Man’s association in the Dark Knights: Metal series to his entry? Thank you!


i suggest that you obtain the TV show “Powerless” and add it to your website

Hi DC Mods, the flair next to my avatar picture seem to keep disappearing, first Superman club then I later added the Batman club flair and now both disappear anytime I add a flair. Thankyou.

I’ve noticed the same thing happening with my flair as well. It keeps changing from the Characters of DC flair to (none) and I keep changing it back. I had to change it again this morning in fact even though I had reset the flair just last night.

Yeah, the same thing’s happening to me. My Acquired Taste flair keeps disappearing.

Same here. I’ve had to reattach my title and flair twice.

Thank you all for your most recent posts - everything’s noted! :slight_smile: With regard to the posts about the issues you’re seeing with your flair, I’ll make the dev team aware. We’re sorry for the inconvenience that’s caused! >,< If you haven’t already, please go ahead and submit a quick CS ticket, as well, so we’ll have record there, too.


Bah! We had recently enacted a fix for folks who couldn’t REMOVE their flair, looks like it worked a little toooo well. We’ll bring this to our dev’s attention when offices open first thing Monday- thanks to everyone who chimed in to let us know this was a widespread issue!
(Basically what @MissInkBlot said :laughing:)


Thank you, @MissInkBlot!


I know you can download comics. so I’m wondering is there a way to download moives?

Sadly no due to contract licensing, but you can download TV episodes.:slightly_smiling_face:

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It would be cool if you can download digital comics to read to an SD card. Specially if you do not have the extra space to download comics to the phone storage.

You’re always welcome, @KeyFamily! :smiley:
Thank you for your help, @Reaganfan78! :slight_smile:
And duly noted, @coltonhoward - thank you for the feedback - I’ll pass it on for you! :smile:


Suggestions for DC universe streaming app for 2020:

-Add DC comics digital in multilingual languages.

  • Add news, contents, events, etc… about DC universe online game from PC and home consoles on the DC universe streaming app.

  • Add items related with DC comics on the sweepstakes with video games too. Like Batman Arkham series, DCO game, etc…

  • Be able to purchase physical comics and graphics novels at DC universe streaming app store and have the comics and graphic novels with multilingual languages too.

  • Have multilingual languages for videos, movies, tv series too on DC universe streaming app.

  • Be able to remove or delete already viewed and read comics, videos, movies, tv shows in “Dive Back In” section of the home page of DC Universe app.

Thanks for reading my suggestions for DC universe streaming app.

Please add the thumbs up button back. I don’t understand why it was removed. It helped me let track of comics I liked and that I had already read.