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Definitely a true issue

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We should be given the option to send friend requests.

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Well, we at least have this option:


@vardeman.69714 That’d be a mystery for our Super Support to tackle! Reach out to them here, and they’ll be happy to work with you on this.

@Ganderstein that’s definitely a cool feature idea! No promises, but I’ll pass it up to the team! :green_heart:


Sorry if this is being posted twice! I can’t see the text box when posting on my phone, so I’m essentially typing blind.

I saw the sale for the store items, but has anyone heard if annual memberships will be on sale today?

I’m moving this over to the Suggestion Box for you, @CynicalPink, but will ask around about the annual membership question for you! In the meantime, I’m sorry about the text box issue! :frowning: Were you able to get that checked out with Customer Service already?

Tysm, @MissInkBlot! My phone’s a bit smaller than standard smartphone size, so I’m usually on my tablet or computer rather than typing from here. I’m sure I’m in the minority with this problem :older_woman:t2:

Annual membership hasn’t gone back on sale this entire Black-weekend or the concluding Cyber Monday (last annual discount was last Cyber Monday, pretty sure).

Seems like we aren’t getting our Christmas wish granted this year by Santa Clark, I’m sad about it too. Hopefully something changes, but until then I’ll just pretend I’m too hip to care about Harley Quinn.

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@Pikalicious Though this might be a futilely optimistic leaning on my part, I’m setting out some cookies and hoping we get a Christmas surprise yet.

Kicking myself because I’ve been a monthly subscriber since DCU opened its doors. Last year I didn’t have the cash to put out for the annual deal, though. :confounded:


Where is teen titans judas contract?

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Are you talking about the animated movie?

Animated movies get rotated regularly, so I’m sure it’ll eventually be on the service :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’d love to see a preview of a comics panel’s in the comic’s description as an opportunity to assess art styles before clicking ‘Read’.

Is there a way to go “home” from within a comic on android? Using the back arrow just sends me to the last issue I read and then all the way out of the app.

I think I saw it was on HBO, along with Justice league Dark and Batman Killing Joke. The movies rotate in and out so it’ll be on here soon enough :+1:

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Hey @FivelSixish!

Yep! You can go back to the home screen if you are in a Comic. Just touch the screen and a back arrow will appear in the upper left corner. Click that arrow and it will take you back to the main page of the Comic, then click the arrow again and you will go back to the home page. Hope this helps!

True, but, if you keep reading a series, once you’re a few issues in, you have to hit that backstroke several times to get back to home. It would be nice to have a home button that gets you straight there.


I’ll pass this information over to our team. Thanks for the suggestion!


@ralphsix I have this same issue as well. If I’m a few issues in and have to arrow back multiple times it will usually take me to my device home screen. Have you experienced this issue?

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On my iPad I hit the back button and go to the first issue I started with that session.

That’s not what happens on a Kindle tablet, at least not on mine. It goes through each comic.