MASTER TOPIC: New Community(2.0) Questions, Feedback & Suggestions

@ralphsix Thanks for letting us know that this is an issue on Kindle! I’ll add this to our notes and we’ll see what we can do!

When we add an entire series to a list, any new comics from that series that are added to the service will automatically appear in said list. I have so many lists. I would like an option to be notified when comics are added to a list i have saved.

hope this makes sense

That makes perfect sense, @Starfall! :slight_smile: Thank you for the feedback and I’ll absolutely let the rest of the team know about your suggestion.


You’re not the only one that happens to. It’s the same on my Kindle as well

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Thanks for looking into this @BestBeastBoy.

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Not sure when this was fixed, but I figured I’d try changing it again and it’s showing up now.

I think there was an update @BatJamags. I also see we can edit our profiles again and the user cards and profile headers are back as well.

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On the website, via Chrome a browser, the default community font appears to have changed. The previous font was less fancy and easier to read.

Update: It’s back to normal now

I was on Chrome earlier and didn’t notice a change but that was several hours ago. Is this something that happened in the last few hours?

The font on my Kindle seems to be fine.

I use Chrome more often that not, and I don’t see any change in the font.

It’s back to the regular font now. I’m not sure what happened, but it looks regular again now.

T’would appear that Johnny from “Airplane!” pulled the wrong cord on the Font Machine…


Oh Johnny. Not again.

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I noticed there’s a video with the latest news from DC universe.It would great if it included latest DC news ranging from comicons across the world all the way up to.comiccon interviews. you should get world wide access with this site. It’s a fantastic app and think the world should enjoy it

There seems some interesting/odd behavior coming from “Kelex”

If I use his name in a sentence and the also an action, like fortune, he returns the correct result. However, if I use just his name with no “@“ sign he sends a help message to the thread.

See the “hassle Kelex” thread posts 603-606 for an example of this.

like the third time I’ve seen it … just figured it was a wave of anti-matter

just happy the profile background and card images escaped the phantom zone, yay

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I’m not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but some of the badges like “Completed your training” are not being received after completing the task. :superman_hv_2:

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It’s been mentioned a couple of times @nightwing615 so they are aware of the problem.

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What is going on with the PS4 app


@morph147.91615, there are no updates to share on it right now, but we’re still looking into it. :slight_smile: