MASTER TOPIC: New Community(2.0) Questions, Feedback & Suggestions

Do you know when you might have something to share on it though

Not at the moment, @mikebaldwin.
We’ll keep you up-to-date as more info becomes available, though!

For those that may not be aware, there is now an option to update your payment info. I have seen some others wondering about this as I was as well. Also, a big thank you to DC Universe for rewarding those of us who were preorder subs for an auto renew of 59.99! Much appreciated​:four_leaf_clover:


Hi All: I’m brand-new to DC Universe, and I really want to love the platform because I’m a huge DC Comics fan. I’m traveling on a long flight next week, and I’d love to download some comics to my Surface Pro to read. Is this doable? (So far, I’ve only streamed comics from the website, while logged into the Internet.) Unfortunately, the site doesn’t feel terribly intuitive in this regard, so any help you can lend would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

There’s a download option on the far right side of a comic on the comics detail page.

I know there’s a download button on mobile but I can’t find it on browser. You might have to use a phone, which is not ideal because of the tiny screen, but doable if you read in panel mode.

Thanks for the assist!

Appreciate the help! Have a good one.

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I’m frustrated that I can’t watch on my ps4 I don’t have roku and am forced to watch on my phone


The PS5 is going to be out by the time they finally get around to the PS4.


I feel your pain my guy

Why do certain items (shows, etc.) not have a Save/Add button?

So far, Doom Patrol, Titans, and Swamp Thing are the items I’ve noticed with no Save button.

Is there a way to add these items to a watch list?

Hi @Christopher_Sky-Sunderer! Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. This is certainly very unusual and we’d be happy to take a closer look. What I would suggest is reaching out to our Support Team, so that they can lend a helping hand.

Badges mislabeled/wrong symbol

Star Sapphires are the Violet Lantern Corps and their symbol is the pink looking star.
The Indigo Lantern Corps is the one that has the circle sandwiched between the triangles.

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I would like a soundtracks tab added so i can stream music while i work. Im sure other people would really love that as well.


Thank you both for the feedback and suggestions! I’ve made sure to pass it along to the rest of the team. As always, we’re very grateful for your support and ideas.

Is it possible for the DC app to a graphic novel release schedule for each month? I think that would be a cool thing.

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Awww, it doesn’t work on the ps4? Oh, that would’ve been cool!

A “Mark All as Read” button for replies to a given topic might be nice. Sometimes a 1.0 thread that I read through at the time gets revived and it acts like I didn’t read most of the posts unless I scroll through them all, or people will make like 40 replies to a more recent thread that I’m following (like Hassle Kelex) and it takes a while to banish all the little blue dots. Maybe I’m just obsessive, but I try to clear out the unread post notifications in most topics that I’ve posted in.

All caught up on sharing these - thanks for the added suggestions. They’re both great ideas! :slight_smile: