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I think with the exception of Magazine, the William Gaines Estate owns the rights to the EC Comics library.

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The layout still needs some work but the bugs are so annoying.

The screen constantly jumps back to the very top while scrolling through threads.

I’m luck to see most recent two threads before it jumps up again.

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Hey @DJWolfmanJBeezzy! Can you please let us know which device you are currently using?

Same issues on Samaung A50, Pixel 3a and my tablet.

Hey @DJWolfmanJBeezzy - Can you please send a ticket into Customer Support regarding this, you can contact them here .

Quick question about badges, aside from accumulating them, do they have any value? I mean after you’ve collect them does it unlock additional token earning possibilities? Or some other bonus or benefit? And when are the awarded? I’ve logged in my phone, PC & Firestick but I have not gotten my Network badge. Just read the Guidelines so I hope to get that badge as well.

They’re digital badges for bragging rights :slight_smile: As our service evolves they may become indicators of our “Power Users”, from which we can select folks for special opportunities (when live events exist again).

But for now, they’re just for funsies.

That’s a brand new badge (Accessing The Network), and we will update the long description to reflect what kind of devices earn you that badge. However, we currently are not able to reward for accessing from Firestick :frowning: But we can see about manually awarding you the badge in good faith, regardless!

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Would a Kindle Fire tablet also not count? I have three I’ve used if it does.

It does count for most versions- secret secrets, this is our reference sheet:

And I do see Kindle up in there :slight_smile:

Okay, so if that says Kindle 7, but I have an 8, would that mean my device isn’t included? :cry:

@Applejack Thanks for the feedback. I also pre-ordered and have been subscribed since 2018 another badge for me smile: You guys are doing a great job, I’ve loved this app since its precursor DCAA!! Keep up the great work!

I personally think you guys are missing out on a MASSIVE market by not having DCU on the Nintendo Switch. I’m not sure who allocates the “dev dollars” over there, but I’d really consider making it a focus for 2020-2021. Why? Well there are a lot of reasons, here’s three:

  1. The thing is a pretty good comic reader in landscape mode. Currently you can only get IDW comics and Manga on the Switch, if DC broke into that market of Nintendo nerds I would be shocked to find that your subscription base does not increase.

  2. The Switch is seriously hurting for a “killer streaming app” right now. No netflix, no Hulu, could DCU save us? But seriously, what better market research do you need other than “you have no competition on this platform.”

  3. The Switch is fairly easy to develop for. It uses a custom Linux OS, but most of the browser functions are performed in Webkit. If i’m not mistaken, this means with a little config you could get your current code to run on the switch. Maybe call Daybreak if you have problems XD.

I was pretty sad to see you guys shoot for the XBOX ONE first. I love you guys, but come on (no offense MSFT fans). The system has sold half of the PS4 worldwide and approx 5-10 million less units than the switch. You picked the smallest Video Game install base to put DCU on. That was a super weird call. I’ve owned and love all these systems, so no bias here, just numbers.

So in closing, seriously consider the switch. It’s install-base is predicted to grow into 2021 so you could be looking at 80-100 million sold in Q4 2021, imagine getting DCU in front of all those people (and their parents).

Thanks for reading!

I’ll definitely pass your suggestion up to the powers that be. Thanks for posting!


Thank you Barrys.Better.Half, hoping we hear word that this is in development within the next year or two! Thanks for all you do DCU Team!

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I’ve bookmarked some stuff and removed bookmarks since the latest big update. On the main community page, however, none of those changes are showing. When I go to bookmarked discussions on the main community page, it still shows everything that was there before the update.

However, when I click on my icon and go to the bookmarks tab, the changes are seen there.

Here’s what I mean:

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 11.05.59 AM

The bookmarks are different (for the most part)

When I click on the link of one of the ones I’ve removed, it’ll take me to the link, but show that I’ve removed the bookmark.

It’s been like this for a few weeks. I was hoping it would just work itself out, but it hasn’t seemed to.

But there might eventually be a superhero badge for forum regulars right?!

I’m an amateur writer and have written a cartoon crossover between Marvel and DC which I know will be a huge hit especially with covid-19 out there

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Welcome to the community @Alandeleon531.23358 !!! :flash_hv_1:

Thanks dude good to hear from awesome people that love comics like I do

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@Nightroia Thanks for letting us know, we’ll look into it!

@Alandeleon531.23358 Welcome to the forums, friend! Feel free introduce yourself in our Roll Call topic!

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