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You’d have to create your thread, and click the button that’s a horizontal ellipses. From there, you should be able to click on the icon that looks like a wrench, and press “Make Wiki.” Let us know if you still need help, though! :slight_smile:

Can we do something about the hashtag system on this site? It’s becoming increasingly obnoxious. It was bad enough when it tried to suggest a tag after every time I pressed # and sometimes would randomly pick one for me and overwrite what I’d entered, but now it appears that someone actually went and made some tags which are just numbers and now the # sign is treated as a tag and tries to link to it for at least #1. This is a comic book fan forum. We discuss “Issue #1all the time here and it’s frustrating to have it constantly hijacked by a tag system that, though not without use, is honestly probably used less than just trying to refer to an issue number.

Even just letting me do \#1 for #1 without the automatic suggestion and link would go a long ways for my own use, tbh, though I’m not sure how many forum members would use it.

As an unrelated suggestion, it would be nice to have an option to collapse long details blocks at the end of them, or even somewhere in the middle, instead of having to scroll all the way back up when I’ve someone has written an essay.

The capy​bara search brought me here

The capybara search brought me here

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Yikes, we’re sorry about the upset that’s caused, @mysterious_stranger! I’ll let the dev team know about how problematic that ended up becoming for you, and will share the idea for collapsing content - thank you for sharing both, and letting us know what you’ve been experiencing!

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Don’t know if it’s just appearing like this to me but I’m pretty sure something abt these two badges (indigo lantern corps and violet lantern corps) aren’t right. Their icons appear to have been switched.

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What’s up DC!!! Look, I’m loving the app, especially because of the comic books. But my onlcy concern is being allowed to remove an item from the “Dive Back In” section. It seems I always have to rewatch/reread whatever was last and having to go to the last part of the last episode/page over and over again until it disappears from the section. I would really like this looked into because like I said I love the app. I’m a hardcore DC fan who just wants his OCD to be quelled. Lol. Thank you though guys and have a great day!

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Same with me

Not sure where else to put this, but im encountering a minor bug on the IOS app. When in a topic, the bar that counts the replies on the right is now in the center of the page. Distracting. because if this, i cant find a post on that scroll without being at the bottom first

Hi @LK3185, I’m sorry you’re having this issue! Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app? If you have and you’re still experiencing this bug, please reach out to our technical support team here.

Thank you. I sent a request in after uninstalling didn’t fix the problem