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Nothing is wrong everything is working great for me


Bumping from 3 days ago… So update is I still have gotten no response and the issue is still present.

Was I supposed to be contacted via email or here on the app?

Thank you for staying in contact with us, @KamAndi80. You should have received an email from our Support Team, if you haven’t heard back we’d suggest checking your spam folder.

If this doesn’t help, could you let us know what your ticket number is? We’d be happy to take a closer look.

I randomly noticed a couple days ago that Beware The Batman (2013-1014) is still missing chapters and is still out of order.

I believe it was @Mae that highlighted this several months ago, but in my coming across it recently, I wanted to shine a light on it as well.


Hiya Vroom!

Thanks for reporting that this is still an issue. I’ll be sure to let the team know!

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Superman/Batman (2003) has mislabeled star year at (2010)

Sorry if previously reported


Thanks Bar’s BH. :+1:

@LK3185 We’ve let the team know about this, thanks!

Hi Zat.
There was nothing in my spam folder. I don’t have a ticket number because no one has ever gotten back to me!

I reported it via the “Alfred” page as noted in my above posts.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Hi @KamAndi80, we’re so sorry that you’re having this experience and wanted to assure you that we’re taking this issue very seriously. I consulted with our Support Team and it looks like there may have been an issue with your ticket, which is why they haven’t been able to get back in contact with you.

Could you try reaching out to our Support Team again? If you also wanted to leave your ticket number here, we’d be happy to pass it to them, as well.

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Thank you Z.

I just reported it again via the “Alfred” page.

Will let you know if\when I get a reply and ticket number.

Thank you for following through with the assistance.

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Series Damage 2018 is incomplete finishes at #11 and the story continues on, I don’t know for how many more issues, but I would like to at least finish this particular story.

probably because there’s a year window for new comics to be on the service

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Is the app experiencing any performance issues lately? For the past few days My app is really slow and when I try to download a comic it slows the app down even more… my other apps work fine so it’s not my network

Updating our notes with the most recent posts, though, @Ericthemidget, if you haven’t already, can you please send in a ticket to Customer Service with your device details so we can troubleshoot with you? You can do so here:

except that it was released in 2018 and the issues go from 1-11 , story line i am referencing is from 10,11,12, 12 is missing.

and was more hoping that someone from DC U would of got this instead of getting into a discussion. thought this was a report section not a discussion forum section.

I wasn’t trying to cause a problem, i might have my facts wrong unless theres another Damage series with the same name but the series you’re referring to has more issues than 12 and #12 was published December 19th 2018…not a year has passed yet

Only trying to help


@LK3185, no worries, we thank you for the assistance!

@GLCSector3295, some discussion is allowed as long as it’s on topic. Regarding your post, as you mentioned, we currently have issues #1-11 + Damage Annual #1 available, but the issues after that wouldn’t be present yet because what @LK3185 mentioned is correct about them not being added until a year after publication. Those you originally referred to weren’t published until Dec. 19, 2018 and onward.

That said, I did share your request for the newer issues with the team, so we’re definitely aware. Thank you for letting us know you’re interested in seeing them added!

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@MissInkBlot this isnt an issue a per se but maybe an easy fix to Detective comics (1937) Issues 28, 30 and 32 have the following issue bundled together and i was wondering if a note could be added in details like this

Under issue 28- Issue 29 is included

Just because at first glance it looks like that issue is missing when it isnt

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I can definitely see how that could confuse people, @LK3185 - I’ll report that to the dev team, as well, thank you! :slight_smile:

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