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The Batman Returns Movie Adaptation comic is mislabeled, it says 1989 instead of 1992 and has #2 instead of #1.

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I’ve passed these latest reports up to the rest of the team. Thanks all!

@KalEl123 - Can you please let us know specifically which ones you’re not able to find so that I can look into this further? I want to be able to pass a full report up to the team. Thank you!


Action 661-668 so far

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Hello, not sure if it’s just on my side but, The Batman vs Riddler on the homepage is not showing up. The 48 items are nowhere to be found.

Hiya @IssacBrown! - Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. We’re looking into this.

@IssacBrown - This issue has been resolved, it may take a little time to populate on your device though. Thanks for your patience!

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It actually looks correct to me, as the reading order appears to be panel 1 of the first page, panel 2 of the second page, then panel 2 of the first page. (note the motorcyclists continue getting shot and the driver is standing by the door in the first panel of page 2, before getting shot on the second panel of page 1).

Yes, looking at it again I can see that. But it hasn’t been changed, so they likely figured that out too.

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Thank you both for keeping us updated on what you’ve been seeing on your ends, @LeonardoMyst and @50710! :slight_smile:

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Power Girl 2009 has many wrong credits for inks and covers. The covers for #13-26 should be Sami Basri. The inks for #13-23 should be Sami Basri and for #24-27 they should be Hendry Prasetya.

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Thank you for getting the Wonder Woman Special uploaded! That was a very important story, as it started the William Messner-Loebs run. But, it’s in the wrong place chronologically!

I believe this problem happened because the publication date for Wonder Woman #61 got messed up, and is now the same as the Wonder Woman Special’s publication date, probably a copy-paste error in the database. These things happen.

Here’s what should be fixed.

So yeah, that issue came out on 11/12/1991, but has been mistakenly set as 3/17/1992, the date that the Wonder Woman Special came out. Should be an easy fix.

Thank you all for your hard work!

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Also Power Girl #26-27 are written by Matthew Sturges not Lillah Sturges.

Lilah used to write as Matthew, before coming out as a trans woman. So crediting it to her current name is the right choice here, so that you know it’s the same person.

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Passed this onto the team, 50710. They’ll get it checked out! Thank you for the reports.

Thanks for the screenshots, it’s super helpful! I’ve passed this along to the team so they can check it out and get it edited.

That makes sense. I just the credit in the issue is different from the one on the description.

Batman: Streets of Gotham #6 is missing the Manhunter back-up. It’s only 21 pages when it should be 32.
All of the preceding and following Streets of Gotham issues correctly include the Manhunter back-up.
The version of the #6 issue on ComiXology has the correct number of pages - 32. Just need to correct the DCU version. Thank you!!

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Got it, @jla172, thank you! :slight_smile:

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