MASTER TOPIC: What Do You Like About DC Universe? And What Would You Change?

@Hayden_The_Hippo Yep, like @javitru mentioned, Stargirl isn’t available to anyone yet! So no worries there. Do let us know if it shows up on something else that is already released, and we can look into it!


Big fan of the service. Dont read comics these days as much as I’d like to, but I certainly watch the shows and read when I can. I’d like to see more options for users to add friends and share books (recommend titles) to each other. Maybe this exists and I havent found the way to do it yet. But having more ways to interact with fans would be awesome.

That being said I love the forum!


Awesome ideas @KaigetaTheGreat! A recommendation feature would be SO COOL. No promises, but I’ll be forwarding these concepts to our teams! Glad you’re enjoying the forums!


When reading comics, I’d like to see a hybrid of page mode and panel mode, where each page begins as a whole page then breaks down panel-by-panel, then when you reach the end of the page, you see the whole page again. Basically what Marvel Unlimited does. It really helps reading on all kinds of devices and helps me keep my bearings so I can get a whole overview shot of the action then the nitty-gritty details I want.


Hey @Spyweb! I’m passing your suggestion up to the powers that be. Thanks for sharing your idea with us!


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Scratch that. My Comixology and DC Comics app must have encountered some gremlins. Revisiting both apps tonight had the comics the way God intended them: full-screen with no distractions.

Does Comixology do this, as well?

On this note, I read a purchased comic on Comixology last night (the Swamp Thing Digital First #1) and was absolutely aghast that the top bar of my iPad, where the clock and wifi signal is, remained there the whole time while viewing the comic.

DC Universe does not do this. I am presented with the full comic, uninhibited by any device/OS overlays.

Please don’t ever change this! It seems a small thing, but it really adds to the immersion of reading comics; I don’t get these overlays when I read paper comics! :kingshark_hqas:


if I may add to what your saying, every exclusive is available for DVD purchase as well including Titans and young justice

General Feedback for DCU streaming app:

-They should update DC UNIVERSE streaming app to be able share reading progress with Goodreads website and app so that we can talk and share books, comics, graphic novels, etc… with other people and receive suggestions too about DC universe books.

-Be able to view and delete history about videos, movies, and tv series on our DC universe streaming account so that we can delete of what is already watched.

  • Add multilingual languages audio and subtitles for videos, movies, tv series, and other DC related with more languages.

  • Add DC universe books that are published in multilingual languages

  • Be able to give a rating and receive suggestions of what we watch too

Thank you for your time in reading my feedback for DCU streaming app.

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Then we end up with Bane as the villain in every movie! (referring to Dark Knight Rises)


I definitely can’t afford $70 a year. But I can afford $6 a month. I get the locking people in for a year to encourage use, but a payment that large all at once is too much for a college student like me.

I’d also like to see graphic novels become more available. I just received my Lost Carnival, and id love to have it on here as well!

@NightwingB01 there is a monthly subscription, already.

As for graphic novels, those won’t be on here, unfortunately.

Oh, that must be new from when I last checked. Thanks

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No worries. Both have been in place since the service launched.

Are you sure? I remember not having that option when I signed up

I’m pretty sure. I signed up when the service launched and it had two options: Yearly for $74.99 or monthly for $7.99.

I opted for monthly because that’s easier on my budget. That’s what I went with in 2018 and haven’t looked back since.

I’ve found a link with the prices from an article written in 2018 with the prices:

Along with the current prices listed on DC Universe’s site:

I love this service… I have been binge reading comics from my childhood and it’s bringing back lovely memories and i think a profiles menu would be awesome! Something like netflix or hulu where family members can watch/read their own stuff.


I think what you all are doing is excellent. I am a big fan of the Harley Quinn series and I appreciate what it does for her character. Of course, I want more. I was and am a huge fan if the Justice League animated series and would like to see it come back. As well as Young Justice, Teen Titans and Doom Patrol. DC animated movies have always been good and hope to see more in the future. Thanks for all you do!

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Honestly think DCU just has a content problem. I know and love all the comics but shows are lacking and I don’t understand why they cycle through there movies (and some comics but way less notable. Specifically watchmen)

Each time I have had the craving to watch an animated movie that I know was just on DCU it’s missing.
Then I just get a tad frustrated that I can’t seem to find it, realize it’s not even here then Close out of the app. Instead of watching a movie then getting in the mood to read a comic or Vice versa.

Lastly I know everyone has already brought it up but why is this app not on PS4 that’s my main platform of choice and it sucks that it’s not there. When it’s on Xbox and Disney + is on both consuls


I’m confused. Comics aren’t cycled. Only the Watchmen Motion Comic (which is under the videos section, not the comics section) has been here.

The reason movies are rotated (like other streaming services) has to do with licensing agreements made prior to DC Universe’s creation.

The moderators always let us know what is coming and going every month in the Watchtower forums. That has been the standard since the service launched. They’re very good at keeping us informed.