MASTER TOPIC: What Do You Like About DC Universe? And What Would You Change?

@hobbitsrock.73669 I see where you’re coming from with this explanation. I do believe this is something you should contact Warner Bros about. It would be easier to do plea to the main studio, thus it would trickle down to all avenues that need it.

That being said, I do have one helpful criticism. To implore a company to take a look at something that would be beneficial to those who need it, I would reword your original message. It comes off as needlessly aggressive; you’ve halted any momentum for your message before you could make it. What you’re asking for is reasonable, but the original post you’ve made comes off like an angry tweet demanding something. Requests for something this important should be professional, as it would be more likely to be read and taken seriously.

I wish you nothing but the best in your endeavors to make this happen!

I signed up on my phone but I can’t ever login on my iPad. The damn subscription screen comes up everything I try to do something. Fix this ■■■■

@fulltimegroove.90151 I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble, and I totally understand how frustrating that sort of thing is. Please reach out to our Super Support - they can help you out! Make sure to let them know what platform/device you’re on to help the process along! You can find them here.

I’ve tried that and only see the last two to three series I’ve read.

Would be cool to get a club card (small physical items make you more committed)

Cool if you could earn VIP or some bade for being more active in the community

A point system (similar to Disney insiders) if you purchase DC items

Should be free for ATT customers.

More major movies in catalog.

@BigRedHombre Actually, the more active you are, the more privileges you get here in the Community! Check out our post about Clearance Levels here!

I’ve sent the other suggestions to the rest of our team! :green_heart:


I’d like it if you put the actual movies on the app… BvS justice league aquaman wonderwoman… when do we get these on here?

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There isn’t enough movies or TV- DC total content is not even here. Paying premium price with little payoff. I expected more.

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Trying to find out if there is a way to search and read the comics section based on the weekly release date.
So if I wanted to read all the comics released for the week of 2017/05/03 I could, in a way to keep up with EVERYTHING DC releases.

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First, allow me to welcome you to our Community! It’s so awesome to have you here!

Unfortunately, at this time, we don’t have the ability to search by release dates. However, I have made a note of this request and will let our dev team know.

Is there any news about season 2 and maybe if we will get Crisis On Infinite earths?

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Not yet. Announcements on what’s coming to (or leaving) the video library usually come at the end of the month.



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So we what 7.99 and 74 a year and we have the most limited Stock of Movies and shows are we to believe this app is useless cause most this stuff I can watch elsewhere ? Love the app because of the Comics but is beginning not to justify price tag and when my year is up I might say bye to the app if something doesn’t change . Unacceptable that we cannot have all WB DC stuff on here .

@dannycastro266.3744 content gets rotated out every month because of prior licensing agreements. It says you’re new, so if it helps, your best source of information on what’s coming and going is the Watchtower forums. Every month the moderators let us know what’s rotated in and out.

We don’t have the CW shows because of prior licensing deals with Netflix and we don’t have the DCEU movies due to prior licensing agreements with HBO. We weren’t going to get these to begin with because they were never advertised to be on the service.

Hope this helps answer you question. Also, welcome to the community!

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You are free to voice your feelings regarding the platform, but conversations that devolve into one-on-one arguments will be removed in the interest of maintaining a civil discourse.

Thank you!


Why aren’t there any old DC War titles on the site? Our Army At War, Our Fighting Forces, G.I. Combat, Star Spangled War Stories, Sgt Rock…etc?

DCU doesn’t do their own digitization, so they’re held a little hostage by what others choose to work on. Digitization on older titles is pretty spotty and takes a while because the colors have to be restored and there aren’t as many copies in good condition to work from to begin with. Even major superhero titles like Superman and Batman are missing most of their Golden and Silver Age issues.

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I like the idea of combining social media into your streaming site, but I feel it’s a little under developed.

Maybe make those thought experiments like the Hench App a weekly occurrance, and the top rated replies get featured on DC Daily. You have a chance to really involve yourself with your fanbase in a way that other streaming platforms just don’t.

Also, dramatic reads/narrations of classic comic books. I want to reread Hush again, but have a very hand oriented job. If I could listen to an audio drama of Hush as I fold laundry and file reports, that would be so awesome. The comic. Not the movie.


Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll be sure to share them with the team!