MASTER TOPIC: What Do You Like About DC Universe? And What Would You Change?

You really want us to get to know John Constantine without access to his original Hellblazer run? Come on!


Ok what’s up

I would like to see audiobooks or audio comics for the seeing impaired.


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve added it onto our list that regularly gets shared with the Dev Team for their consideration :slight_smile:

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Marvel Unlimited has a search area that lists all the comics in order of release separated by year that would be incredible to have here I’ve always wanted to read everything in order for dc like that


A feature to remove shows or books from your watch or read history would be great.

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Sharing your feedback, @ross.shafer18.73878 and @yonny616 - thanks for the ideas! :smiley:

well, all shows will be gone soon anyway

Very true, I still have some comics on my dive back in row that I only read once issue of to get the “full story” and would like to remove.

fair enough

Would it be possible to add an option to search for writers/artists, or have writer/artist collections like you currently have for series and storylines?