MASTER TOPIC: What Do You Like About DC Universe? And What Would You Change?

Hey @jbs_5150! Welcome to the Community! I’ll definitely share this with the rest of the team. Thanks so much for the suggestion!


Hello Mods,
Can you please return the number page back to the way it was. Sorry I don’t like the new page number cause it makes it tricky to get to it without having a reply comment box to appear. Thankyou.:confused:

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I wanted to point out something technical. I’ve found a workaround on my end so I don’t need tech support, but I wanted to point it out for you: I use the mobile app for maybe twenty minutes a day while I’m riding the bus and otherwise exclusively use DCU on browser. I’ve been having charging issues with my phone for a long time, and I thought it was a battery problem, but when I called it in, the person at the phone company pointed out that DCU was eating up far more battery than any other app I had and was convinced that that was the source of the problem (and I think it did start around the time I first started using the app). I don’t know if there’s a fix for it, but I thought I’d throw it out there.


Part of the problem is the storage space it eats up

I don’t download anything or read comics here just DC Daily Harley and some Wonder Woman TV for the History Club.

The app claims hundreds of megs for both cache and data after only one week.

So every week I delete both

Using that many megs may mean the app is constantly searching for applicable data among the glut.

The app seems to do no 'garbage collecting" to get rid of old stuff.

It just keeps everything.

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@thebluedragon03 - Worry not! All’s okay with the service - no need to concern yourself with the rumors online. Any time we have anything to share, it’ll be in the Watchtower section. :slight_smile:

@Aylex - Hmm, along with what @ZatannaAndHerSpells mentioned regarding the use of blockquoting, usually, when I’d like to quote something, I end up highlighting the entire portion I want, and there’ll be a little “Quote” popup that shows up. When you highlight text, does that ever show up? Or is the only option available for you the usage of the “reply” button?

@SilverSpider - So many ideas! Thank you, we appreciate them all, and I’ll be sure to share yours with the dev team! :slight_smile:

@Penguinfan78 - Suggestion gathered! Thank you for your sharing your thoughts with us! I’m sorry for the inconvenience that’s been causing in the meantime! :frowning:

@BatJamags and @TurokSonOfStone1950 - thank you both for taking the time to share your workarounds! I’ll make note of that to be looked into and considered! :heart:

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i hear ya, hate that site.

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although it would be smart to put together a subscription package to have access to both DCU, Cinemax, and HBO Max, so that way we can have access to everything.

I really like that you mods and Applejack are so welcoming and nice. Hey, you said “what do you like about DCU,” and I answered. Yah happy?

So more constructive suggestions though. Can more threads be combined? I’m keeping track of like 5 different ongoing threads about the same subject. Could we get something DCU Hero Haul: Mega Thread?

I was honestly just wondering if there’s a reason Justice League: Doom isn’t available to view.

It’s not on here due to licensing contract, Hopefully it’ll be back soon. Not sure when.:slightly_smiling_face:


Like Penguin said. Just keep watching the Watchtower for news.


AT&T / Warner Brothers said once HBO Max goes on line in May These video will not be available to outside streaming services except for current contracts. This is being done to stress the exclusivity of the HBO Max brand.

These films were rotated out to get additional revenue for the company.

That will no longer be allowed.

So I expect all the films we lost will be back by summer since the company wants DC Universe to survive.

HBO Max might have them as well but animation is not the major emphasis for HBO Max live action is. It would cost them very little to give these films back to us


Hopefully they’ll allow some of the Live Action stuff when HBO-max starts up.



I think it is certain we get the older Batman and Superman live action films back.

The main reason we lost the Batman films is because they became 4k which made other streaming services want them. That will bo longer be allowed under the new polcy of no longer granting new licensing for these Warner Brothers assets to services outside the company

We may see the Nolan films once the new Batman film comes out. Currently they are the latest Batman films.

Having a HBO Max catalog section here would be a great advertisement for them, show them as non threatening to us and shows good will to us as a sister site.

Imagine then allowing us Man of Steel for a month then replacing that with Batman v Superman etc.

Also I think we will see the first episode of Green Lantern here maybe even permanently. Ptobably no other eoisodes until Season 2 comes out or the series is the only season because it was unpopular.

This could reduce the members who only come in to binge occasionally when a series ends and then leave the service. This ‘new stuff from HBO each month’ would be good for DC Universe and good for HBO Max if we then subscribe there to get thr full catalog of DC live action films

Whether this will be done depends on how big our membership is. We are a niche service snd I think we are way below one hundred thousand, (there are only 48,340 Hero level 1 people on the forum some of which may not be paying or no longer here), some of which already have HBO.

The other factor is how much management wants to push the DC brand.

Again we are a niche service of mainly dedicated fans who spend money on all things DC. They are already doing things like that now like free movie tickets for Birds of Prey.

We also have friends and family and can give good word of mouth like if we can see the pilot for Green Lantern here. We could talk about it to fellow fans at the Local Comic Book Store for example




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Are we going to see the arrowverse here on this app?
How bout the movies? The suicide squad? Wonder woman? BvS? The Christopher Nolan triology?


There is a free CW app that shows all the Batwoman episodes and the last few episodes of the other DC shows. Netflix has an exclusive contract on the other Arrowverse shows.

HBO Max will be on line in May and have exclusively all DC live acti9n films for the last forty years including the titles you named

It is unknown at this time whether HBO will share any of these films with sister site DC Universe. If sharing does occur it will probably be one or two titles here for a short period of time and then rotated out as new titles rotate in.

Thank you for being such a wonderful help, @TurokSonOfStone1950, and @Penguinfan78! :slight_smile:
I have your suggestion noted as well, @Behemoth - I can understand how all the threads could cause trouble, especially visually, so I’ll share that with the team to consider for the future!


Can we get the opportunity once in a while to vote on who we want added to the encyclopedia. It would be cool if the community could be more active in the encyclopedia process. Like suggestions and polls for future heroes. Maybe even just starting up pages for characters who don’t have entries yet, and letting the community compile lists about them.