MASTER TOPIC: What Do You Like About DC Universe? And What Would You Change?

I’m very frustrated that I signed up for this service over a year ago thinking I was paying for exclusive programming. Now, Doom Patrol will be on HBO Max, Stargirl will be on the CW & you can watch Harley Quinn on TBS… I’m not reading the comic content (not why I signed up) and that seems to be where all the focus is with this service, which is fine, but again- not why I’m paying. I guess my concern is this is going to turn into a comic reading app and I’m going to have to pay more money for another app to watch the shows I thought I was getting here.

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But you still get to see the content unedited and you get to see it first.

I get where you’re coming from, but there’s always a bright side :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh damn didnt even know it backtracks im getting it but just waiting for improvements

Thank you all so much for your feedback! Every comment helps us make this service better for you all!

But that’s the thing…I’ve read several of the older scans and they aren’t “cleaned up” at all. They pretty obviously are just pirate scans with the non-comics material and the scanner calling cards removed. Which again, is fine–it’s their legal right as owner of the copyrights. But if that’s all they’re doing it’s hard to understand what actually is keeping the library as limited as it is. And with the video content less and less exclusive by day (and likely to eventually all end up on HBO Max) the comics are pretty much the only thing that gives this service special value.

Scanning also is not a legitimate excuse for the lack of modern, post-digital titles. Watchmen is a currently-running TV series with the movie adaptations on this service and yet…no Before Watchmen to read. Why on Earth? It’s not even good cross-promotion.

That’s something you’ll have to ask the admins about in regards to Before Watchmen.

We’ve got an extensive library here. Remember, around April they added almost 22,000 comics. I’m sure that didn’t come easy.

I really do enjoy the app and it’s accessibility, I love the wonderful work that developers have put into this service and I really appreciate the collection of media on here. That being said, I really would use this app FAR MORE IF IT WERE ON MY PLAYSTATION 4. That’s not said in anger, that’s just the fact that I’ve spent many nights trying to find something to watch on my tv because I’d like to be able to use my phone while watching something like Titans or Young Justice or literally any of the amazing content they have on here, seriously I’m absolutely in love with all the original series especially Alan Tudyk’s performance as Mr. Nobody in the Doom Patrol, he was amazing and the most comically lovable villain ever. I really would watch it so many more times over if I could just watch it on my big screen instead of my phone. I know the reason why it’s still not available on PS at all is because of a business based decision somewhere in the mix and I just wish a deal would be made because I really am super jealous of my Xbox owning friends.

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Hey @steveo2112, totally understand where you’re coming from - I do want to correct one small misconception, only the first episode of Harley Quinn is being aired on TBS.

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Thanks for letting us know, we’ll look into this- It’s hard to imagine, but as we released 95% of the entire library in March of 2019, we’re still doing maintenance on our collections. That’s why we offer the ability for members to point out potential gaps as we work with our digital services team. I’ve already put in the request to the publishing department and will let you know the status of the response.

Given the breadth of the endeavor to digitize comics, it would be SUPER helpful to let us know which scans are unclean. We can then give this feedback to our archives department and they can look into if there are cleaner pages available.

The best place to provide this feedback in this Master Topic- we’re rather proud of the feedback loop we’ve created there to continue improving the comics section:

Hi OranDrite! As I’m sure you know, these issues can be incredibly interwoven, particularly when we start talking about issues that are published as prequels, Issue #0, etc. many years later. Part of what DC Universe has done to try and mitigate some of this confusion is create… COLLECTIONS! A very good example of this is our Crisis on Infinite Earths collection that you can find here:

Is there a specific storyline you’d like us to assemble for you? Let us know!

Heya! Is this the same as our ability to save an entire series, or different? Currently, if you go to a series page like, say, Arrow:

There is a button that reads +Save, which allows you to add the entire series to a saved spot in your lists. How can we change this to be more like how you’re envisioning? Inquiring minds want to know!

So what I mean is what you’re talking about, but specific to storylines instead of series. For example, I’m making my way through the sinestro corps war right now. As you probably know it spans several series with crossovers and tie ins. Right now, my two options for reading the storyline in full is either go to the comics tab, choose storylines, and find it, or save several different series at once, and switch between them. Both of these options require multiple clicks through the app. I’m suggesting that we the readers be able to save storylines to a list in the same way you save series. That way there’s an easy way to find your storyline without clicking through 1000 things or switching between series. It’s just a little thing to add to the overall user experience.

P.s. since your reading this, a FANTASTIC addition to this idea is the “read” indicator after you’ve completed a comic.

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Ah, I gotcha @AncientOne12- I’ll pass this along. Part of the challenge is that our metadata doesn’t automatically link the storyline across series’, so our Master of Collections is currently hard at work doing the manual effort of putting them together in our collections. I will simultaneously let our development team know about your technical request, and our Master of Collections know about a request for a Sinestro War Corps collection (hopefully it can get done before you’re done reading it!)

A “read” indicator is a very frequent request- one of my favorite songs to sing to the devs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We’ll keep you posted on future releases! Since the holiday is upon us, our next robust release will most likely not be till February, so your patience is definitely appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback!

Don’t worry about it, take your time, no rush. I think it’s clear you guys are trying hard to make this app successful and I love what you guys have done so far. I’m more than happy to wait and see where things go from here, just wanted my two cents out there :blush:. Keep up the hard work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It looks like this topic is to report bad scans, not entire series that are missing in spite of the claim that “95% of the entire library” is available. Just in the last week I have had no luck finding
Spectre (1987)
Before Watchmen
Hero Hotline
Inferior Five
Angel and the Ape (any series)
Martian Manhunter (1988)
Warlord (1992)
Secret Files and Origins
Who’s Who in the DC Universe
…I could go on but I needn’t.
The idea that this site has 95% percent of the DC Comics library on it is fundamentally dishonest and you have to know that.

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I’d love of you guys switched to a star system for all the content instead of a thumbs up. And the star system would worl similar to netflix where the the stars represent rhe general average rating said content has.

I don’t understand what the like system even does for comics

Think the ‘95%’ comment meant 95% that has/had already been digitized…not the entire DC library

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@LK3185, you beat me to it lol

Yes, the 95% is in reference to what’s already been digitized

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It is with a heavy heart that today I had to cancel my subscription. Unfortunately my wife was unexpectedly laid off. But mods please know that it has nothing to do with the service. I love the service and will be back as soon as we are back on our feet.

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