MASTER TOPIC: What Do You Like About DC Universe? And What Would You Change?

The original shows brought me here, but with those fading the comics will be the only thing that keeps me here, but on that note I would like to see faster turn-around times from comic shop to DCU (I know that’s most unlikely, but you asked. I would also like to see more Vertigo imprint comics like Sandman, Lucifer, Books of Magic, Transmetropolition, etc. in the comics archives. I am enjoying the heck out of reading and even re-reading past comics from my childhood, especially old Marv Wolfman George Perez’s Teen Titans and Crisis on Infinite Earths as well as being able to go all the way back to the beginning of Batman and Superman in Detective/Action Comics respectively, pure gold there, thanks all.


The turn around will now be six months rather than one year


Has anyone found a good way to get things off of the Dive Back In section? It drives me mad :woozy_face:

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the what section?

As Superby1 correctly pointed out, the release time for comics will be reduced to 6 months instead of 12. This is slated to happen with the official launch of DC Universe Infinite on Jan 21 2021.

Also, welcome to DCU! It’s a pleasure to see you in the community :slight_smile:


Dive Back In, the first row on your home page.

The other users are correct in saying that you can get a prorated refund. If you’d like to arrange this, please reach out to support here - Submit a request – DC Universe Help Center - and they will take care of it for you.


ah, thanks

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Yep and us video watcher are left in the wind or pay HBO insane prices to continue streaming DC universe videos

So glad to see our fan loyalty is repaid with a refund and a kick out from your universe best of luck then forgotten about. Thx glade to be a fan smh

Better a refund than nothing at all. We are consumers not family so loyalty doesn’t really apply.

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Am I the only person trying to read comics on their TV. I have tried for a while and almost always walk away disappointed. I just had neck surgery and being able to read the digital content on a TV would be so much easier. It is on a Roku TV that is wireless only. Some comics never stop buffering. I understand this won’t even be an option after January when the app changes.

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I have trouble reading comics on my TV sometimes too. I have an external Roku device hooked up to the TV via HDMI, and there’s a few problems. First, nearly every time I flip to a new page, it flickers for a second, which sometimes hurts my fiancee’s sensitive eyes. This is relatively minor, but also fairly constant.

Second, sometimes it freezes and boots me back out of the DCU app to the menu screen. Usually this happens if I’ve been reading for a while. Sometimes the Roku device even crashes and has to reboot.

Lastly, on rare occasion pages just refuse to load. I can skip forward past those pages, but I miss anything that happened on them. In this case, I can only get back the broken page by going to the Roku menu and rebooting the whole thing myself, under the system menu - though I understand some Roku have a power button. Either way, it’s relatively time consuming and frustrating. I don’t have consistent trouble with the video content, or with any other app on the Roku - just with comics from DCU.

And I too am concerned and disappointed about losing Roku support come next year! I’m not even sure how I’ll read comics anymore after that!

I have been too stubborn and I figured if they didn’t think the app had the ability they would get rid of that feature. I fear that is the reason it will no longer be available on TV after Jan. It was an ambitious idea, but with two different platforms of media it was too hard to accomplish. Their network engineers are doing happy dances now that they will be separated.
There is a work around though. Just treat your TV as a monitor and use a laptop or dare I say PC to view the comics and navigate. You would just need matching output and input on your devices. I have an HDMI output on my laptop and obviously an HDMI input on the TV. I’m having to do this now for HBO Max. Hope that fix comes soon. Watching HBO on a laptop hooked to a TV is annoying. HBO Max is not available on Roku.

I know I could find a way to cast my laptop to the tv, but I’d first of all need some kind of wireless HDMI port - I’m sure something like that exists but I don’t have one. Otherwise, I’d have to sit way too close to the TV to read comics, haha! Second of all - then I need to keep my laptop in the living room instead of my office, and I hate carrying all those cords up and down the stairs, haha! Very short battery life after nearly ten years of service, you know? Haha! :sweat_smile: :disappointed_relieved: ha… ah… man.

For the love of God, THIS, please make THIS a reality!!! Almost anyone who pays for comics reads the story arc. Not just a single title! It’s why “you” do so many cross title stories in the first place, to have people buy your other comic titles, ( and to introduce new artists and story tellers but, mainly to sell more comics). We finally have a medium to read out favorite arcs, and share them with our kids! But this app is so unwieldy when it comes to perusing story arcs, back from one issue, hunt and find the next issue… etc. Not fun. Please give us a story arc feature… one issue (from one series) to the next issue (especially if it’s in a different series) to follow the whole story. Reading all the issues of the “New52” in order would be amazing! “The Blackest Night”! Oh, oh, “Crisis on Infinite Earths”! So many great story arcs! Please make THIS happen!

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Same here

I do when I can, and enjoy it, but my problem is that…well, ,it ties up the TV. Occasionally, issues won’t show up for a day, but I haven’t seen anything like the problems you’re talking about. Everyone’s home network is different, though.

DC isn’t some local shop where they have a personal relationship with you. They are a tiny arm of a vertical monopoly run by a company that once sued a group selling cardboard cones meant to amplify the sound on early telephones and later tried to block the existence of both answering machines and computer modems.

My point is that yelling at DC Universe isn’t going to help anybody. You might be able to make a business case to AT&T to do better, but being angry about it in community forums is like berating a fellow customer at a supermarket about vegetable prices.

I agree that HBO Max isn’t for me and (honestly) fully expect it to fail, given that it apparently still only has four million subscribers. However, the argument to make to the organizations running streaming services is “access to this content is worth $X per month to me.” And if you don’t actually have a rough number in mind, then you’re only setting yourself up to be disappointed as big media companies need to goose their profits.


Who and why


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Oh, that’s not common knowledge? You’ll love this. Prior to the massive deregulation that also technically re-regulated the phone industry to break up AT&T, they owned the entire network, to the point that your phone bill included a line item for the price to rent the phone plugged into the wall. So, they pitched the small business as enticing customers to vandalize AT&T property, when it was literally just a cup to focus the sound. It’s sort of the DRM argument embodied in physical objects.

It got weirder, later. When AT&T broke up, the network had already been declared a “common carrier” by the FCC, so most people finally owned their own phones, but a minority of customers now owned phones that they were renting, but none of the “Baby Bells” got possession of them, so there were a couple of years where angry customers were being required to pay rental fees for phones they didn’t own, couldn’t buy, and couldn’t return. And those same smaller carriers objected to smartphones (how dare you put a computer on our network) until Steve Jobs threatened to create a competing network for the iPhone…