Merch Spotting

@biff_pow Here’s some happy ears to cheer you up. :grinning:


Of course I came across this when I didn’t have my phone with me, but Target earlier this evening had:

  • Spin Master 12" Harley Quinn and Robin (Damian’s first large scale figure)
  • 12" Heroes Unite wave 1 (Superman, Shazam and The Flash)
  • all of the 4" Caped Crusader figures (including their two exclusive figures)
  • McFarlane #1000 figures, BTAS Batman and Green Lantern

Walmart had:

  • exclusive Swamp Showdown box set
  • exclusive single carded Killer Croc (same as the box set edition, minus the painted handwraps)
  • all of The Caped Crusader wave 1
  • McFarlane 'Tec and BTAS Batmen
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No camera, but at Walmart I saw small heart shaped Batman and Superman candy tins, with their pictures on the front rather than just the logos, with the Valentine’s candy. They might make good storage for something, AND make it smell like chocolate!