Minor Headcanons

Wonder Woman thought men were a myth until she met Trevor


Here are some Flash Family centric headcanons

  • Apples are Bart Allen’s favorite fruit
    *Barry Allen and Wally West both have the Central City Rouges’ birthdays in their calendars
  • When Bart Allen really laughs it turns into a high pitched, dog whistle squeal of delight
  • Wally West spins his wedding ring on his finger when he’s nervous.
  • Speedsters tends to have higher natural voices because their vocal folds vibrate faster than average.
  • It can take Barry Allen a week to watch a movie because he’ll get bored and pause it to do something else and then forget about it for a while.
  • Wally West had a habit of checking on Jai and Irey upwards of fifty times a night until their aging and powers became more stable.
  • Max Mercury and Bart Allen speak slowly for speedsters due to being from the south.

I’d pay to see that first one

Ok but Damian and Tim have actual big bro little bro conversations after Damian was revived because Tim wanted to make sure the bat brat knew his big brother didn’t actually “hate” him but rather just didn’t know how to approach him.

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Here are some Batfamily centric ones

  • Duke has taken to learning various random skills as a “just in case” since he started working with Batman. Bruce is (not so) secretly proud.
  • Bruce Wayne sounds a bit like a really expensive car revving up when he snores.
  • Cassandra Cain likes to weld as a hobby.
  • Bruce Wayne gave Cassandra Cain his mother’s pearl earrings.
  • Dots are Batman’s favorite candy.
  • Bruce Wayne prefers candlepin bowling to ten pin bowling.
  • Batman writes his notes in a mix of secretarial and medical shorthand when out in the field.
  • Damian has accidentally called Dick “father” before
  • Jean Paul Valley always has popsicles in his freezer, even in the dead of winter.
  • Bruce has been Scrooge McDuck every Halloween since Dick was a kid.
  • Dick Grayson grows up to be taller than either of his parents were.

Here’s some superfamily centric ones while I’m at it

  • Due to being born in the Phantom Zone, Chris Kent has hyper sensitivity even for a Kryptonian
  • Chris Kent’s middle name is Reeve
  • Clark Kent has transition lenses in his glasses.
  • Conner Kent gets seasonal depression
  • Clark Kent discovered he actually was starting to need his glasses as reading glasses (his distance vision was still sharp as a tack) when he was in his late forties.
  • Clark only types with four fingers, which drives Lois insane
  • Humans (and half humans like Jon Kent) have trouble pronouncing some Kryptonian words because their vocal chords can’t make a few sounds Kryptonian vocal chords can.
  • Jimmy Olsen calls Conner Kent “CK Jr.” and Jon Kent “Li’l CK”

Here are some Arrowfamily headcanons as well

  • Cissie King Jones is still good friends with the gang from Young Justice and is always up to date with the superhero gossip
  • Lian Harper calls Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance Grandpa Ollie and Grandma Dee
  • Roy Harper had a stuffed fox as a child.
  • Emiko Queen wants to be an ornithologist
  • Oliver Queen’s real superpower is being able to find a reason why every single partner any of his children try to date isn’t good enough for them
  • Connor Hawke has the smallest feet out of the teenagers/adults in the Arrowfamily
  • Black Canary is a smug winner
  • Roy Harper wrote a special lullaby just for his daughter Lian.
  • Roy Harper is still listed as Grant Emerson’s legal guardian.
  • Connor Hawke has a huge sweet tooth.
  • Oliver Queen and all of his biological children have dimples.
  • Oliver Queen uses bitmoji.
  • Orchids are Dinah Lance’s favorite flowers
  • Oliver Queen’s recipes are known for being just a list of ingredients and a temperature, much to the frustration of anyone he gives them to.
  • Mia Dearden’s contact name is “Better Speedy” in Roy Harper’s phone because she changed it and he never bothered to change it back.
  • All hugs with an Arrow family member end with someone’s feet off the ground.

Lois Lane is actually pretty good at spelling, but sometimes she just needs to say some of her thoughts out loud in order to escape momentary writer’s block.


Interesting idea. Personally I like to think Lois is dyslexic, and overcame that for a career in writing.


Oh, that’s so much better. Okay, new head cannon: Lois is dyslexic and was extremely sensitive about it. She would get made fun of for it, and because she’s so stubborn and determined, she decided to stick it to her grade school tormentors and became a writer.


That would certainly explain the running joke of her constant typos


Bruce Wayne developed a phobia of bats after they scared him as a child when he fell into the future Batcave. He’s obviously mostly made peace with it, but they still make him a little nervous when they get too close.


One for me is The Justice league never fully trusted Batman again after the whole " finding out he made a contingency plan for every member of the league" thing.
Another is after the -spoiler-

In the batman and harley Quinn movie Dick and Harley are left with a feeling of " could we be more?" Forever.
A third Dick and Damian and this is partially confirmed canon but Dick is jealous of Damian and Damian holds resentment for Dick.

Helena Bertinelli is one of those people who can’t help but correct everyone’s grammar. Despite otherwise having completely different perspectives on her, Batman and Black Canary agree that this is really annoying.


Batman was actually perfectly sane when he made his vow to fight crime. But he did have the bravery to make that decision at such a young age.
Damian was always belittled by the stature of his grandfather, and is determined to get revenge on anyone else who is taller than him.
Jon Kent has more of a country accent than his parents. But his mother chides him for saying words like Ain’t and Y’all.

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