Missing Movies

Dark Knight Rises, the other DCEU animated features like Superman vs Elite, Suicide Squad, JL Dark, etc. . Please also help me understand why Keaton Batman Movies are only until the 30th. This is not a complaint, but looking for understanding and timing.

I thought the same thing. Superman/ Batman public enemies. I want the whole collection. Even the trapped in time movie

I thought everything DC was to be added to this app?

They dont wat to add everything DC ever made day one, they need to have “new” content every month. As for the comics back catalog, do you guys have any idea about the size of the DC archives!? They’ve been pumping out multiple weekly comics for 84 years! That is a huge undertaking! Would be amazing, but get real. I’m sure they will just shuffle content monthly and I’m fine with that.

I also wanted more content. Missing severa superman movies. Especially animate.

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