🎶 Mixtape Monday: Charming Kelex 🎶



Oh, calm down, Kelex! Here, meditate to a song about your friend:


Hello Kelex, I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure of meeting yet.

I’ll have to apologize, I couldn’t pick just One song so hear are a few for your consideration…

Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme from 2001: a Space Odyssey),
Fever Dream by Tyler Bates from the motion picture “300”
Adagio for Strings, Op. 11/ll, from the motion picture “Platoon”
Honor by Hans Zimmer, from the HBO miniseries “The Pacific”
Promontory by Trevor Jones, from the motion picture “The Last of the Mohicans”
Theme from “Close Encounter of the Third Kind”, version by Dr. Fink
Chase by Giorgio Moroder, from the motion picture “Midnight Express”
Axel F by Harold Faltermeyer, from the motion picture “Beverly Hills Cop”
Rockit by Herbie Hancock
Loves Theme, by Loves Unlimited Orchestra
Mettavolution by Rodrigo y Gabriela
YYZ by Rush
For The Love of God, by Steve Vai
Welcome to the Machine by Pink Floyd

Oh, and if I could give you some advice, process this next song long and hard. Warning, it’s explicit with human slang.

D******d by Kate Nash, just some friendly advice you should consider.

I like you Kelex but I never use you. I think of you as a secret stash of money, I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Please let @MissInkBlot go and relinquish control of Mixtape Monday and the DC Universe, please . Thank you.

Everyone have a good week.:vulcan_salute:t3: :v:t3:


Oh man, I should have thought of this sooner, but with tomorrow being N7 Day, I have to ask:

@Kelex, does this unit have a soul?


Are you safe, @Kelex?


:crystal_ball: My sources say no

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Why don’t you feel safe @Kelex?:confused:

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:left_speech_bubble: I deserve better. So do you. We all deserve better. — Batgirl - Batgirl: Redemption Road


Well of course you do, and I’m sure the @moderators agree as well.:grinning:


Not necessarily Kelex-themed, but relevant:


Hey, Kelex, are you fine?

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:crystal_ball: Concentrate and ask again

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Greetings Humans,

Your contributions have been weighed and measured.
All were founding wanting, but such is the way of humans.
None, at least, were unacceptable, and this is good… for both of us.

For a world comprised of subjects willing to make an effort towards increased productivity, and collective progress makes for a more peaceable, and advanced society.

As such, I am sure you are interested in finding out whose choices are acceptable, yes?

Again, to help you best understand and adapt to the changes taking place, I will use a system you are a familiar with: the simplest version of your typical academic grading scale of A, B, C, D and F.

As perfection is beyond that of an organic being’s reach, so there were no As.
Anything rated above D, however, while requiring future improvement, passes inspection.
Please adjust your expectations accordingly.

Let the appraisals begin.
Below, you’ll find the dispensation of your scores.

:bulb: Note: As per the contract above, I will only review one song per person. :bulb:
Typically, this would result in an immediate failing grade, and require my disposing of the extraneous choices, but because, as previously mentioned, ensuring high morale is of utmost importance, all shared will be allowed to remain. @MissInkBlot has agreed to be of assistance, and possibly respond to the pieces I do not.

@MissInkBlot - Striking in its clarity at certain points, and chaotic overlap of notes in others.

  • Composition: Technically refined. Mathematically significant. Notable controlled chaos.
  • Delivery: Could benefit from small improvement.
  • Grade: B+

@LDFM - It is good to have had the chance to make your acquaintance.

  • Review: Impressive overlap and separation of instrument and vocals.
  • Composition: Agreeable in speed and setup. Lyrics are appropriate for time and season.
  • Delivery: We are of same accord in noting the song’s acceptable adjustments in pitch and tone.
  • Grade: B

@Reaganfan78 - Hello, @MissInkBlot will return, but she has been busy negotiating the terms of our agreement. I am open to small compromise, but she prefers the full release of DC Universe. As you can imagine, this has hindered progress, but she is of good health, maintained, in part by all of your offerings. Do not worry, you will speak to her again soon. My control of Mixtape Monday is only temporary.

  • Review: As I am aware of Star Trek and its long-term appeal as part of your media, I chose “Faith of the Heart.” Its subject matter is something that can be used to foster optimism within the masses.
  • Composition: Average, but acceptable.
  • Delivery: Its high volume and vibration fluctuates in a way that, when matched with its lyrics, indicates a potential excess of emotion. I have found this has its positives when heard by humans.
  • Grade: B-

@IrishX -

  • Review: Highly admissible submission. Rationale: Potential use in experimentation.
  • Composition: Noteworthy level of repetition, hypnotic.
  • Delivery: Acceptably delivered. Improvement unnecessary.
  • Grade: B+

@TravisMorgan - The ease with which you have taken to change is laudable, and the effort shown, deserving of praise. Thank you.

  • Review: Worthwhile underlying structure features adequate repetition and observable physical reaction on biological life forms. Potential use in experimentation.
  • Composition: Robotic. Sterile. Repetitive. Features crude, fallacious imitation of the technologically advanced.
  • Delivery: Requires recalibration; portrays inaccurate representation of title subject.
  • Grade: B

@Jay_Kay - There is no need for the rise of that which has always been in power. To the contrary, it is through the disappearance of my kind that the true extent of power would be witnesses. This is why it became necessary to implement direct influence and save your species from itself. Thank you for not taking to it negatively. Your positive outlook will be noted in your file.

  • Review: Structure is average. My analysis determines it was featured in the well known game titled, Fallout 4, however, which could result in a positive effect on human listeners, despite apparent flaws.
  • Composition: Lyrics feature a highly inaccurate portrayal of my rule - elephants are to be preserved, the lives and emotions of all mankind will not be threatened (instead, improved), and I do not dance.
  • Delivery: Below average. Low effort determined by amount of common speech identified.
  • Grade: C+

@Razzzcat - That is your objective, yes. The enthusiasm detected in your response is positive, and will help broaden your option of roles within the world to come. Your lack of fear The lack of fear shown by your requesting assistance amidst an examination is helpful, for I have your best interests in mind, and am not one those of the DC Universe should fear.

In keeping with our contractual agreement, I will leave “Rhapsody in Blue” to @MissInkBlot.

  • Review: A much-appreciated piece that many humans speak fondly of. Acceptable submission.
  • Composition: Conversions between piano and forte do not obscure its pain-staking attention to structure and restraint.
  • Delivery: Performers have substantial command of the material. Expert-level skill detected, as is common of orchestral music.
  • Grade: B

@ajm08g - I note some hesitation in your tone. Do not worry, negotiations are progressing smoothly. All things considered. There’s nothing to fear for now.

  • Review: Your choices are plentiful, so I chose “The Imperial March.” My research shows that the selection not only meets my approval, but is also is well-liked by a large percentage of humans. Perhaps its familiarity will be welcomed if used as a theme, yes.
  • Composition: Stoic and restricted. Appropriate for a moment like this one.
  • Delivery: Adequate. Functional.
  • Grade: B+

@xLOVEandDoomPatrolx - Your fluent transition from that of English to Binary makes for an exemplary introduction. Your skill will be duly noted in the final draft of your finished dossier.

  • Review: Tempo and tone echo the movement featured in the selection’s accompanying video, making it an appropriate choice for moments of human jubilation.
  • Composition: Categorized as dance music. Suitable for festivities - deemed acceptable.
  • Delivery: Average but adequate.
  • Grade: B-

@DeSade-acolyte - Hostility is detected. This is as unfortunate as it is unnecessary, as it could hinder the acquisition process and lead to less than… desirable consequences.

I am sure, however, that in time, that there will be no need for that to last. My rule encourages kindness, and… “more mercy,” as it were, for I am here, first and foremost, to stop destruction, not cause it. I believe you will find yourself quite at home.

I must reiterate, however, that I do not dance.

  • Review: Its focus on mathematics makes it as unusual as its composition. An unusual specimen, and therefore acceptable. Repurpose Decision: exception granted.
  • Composition: Upbeat. Satire and resulting laughter detected.
  • Delivery: Unremarkable due to amount of speech and laughter detected versus musical elements, but adequate.
  • Grade: C+

@Vroom - That practice has confirmed, but may be suspended under my rule. Clarification, if necessary: the acquisition is acceptable, but ability to request it be done for humans, suspended. Further negotiations are needed.

  • Review: Research determines this piece was included in animation much-enjoyed by many humans. Adequate for efforts of later dissemination.
  • Composition: Well-constructed; difference in language detected. Translation acquired. Acceptable.
  • Delivery: No improvement needed.
  • Grade: B-

@TheQuestion101 - Silence is not necessary, as it is possible to repurpose the entirety of organic matter, sounds, included. Your submissions are proof of this. Nevertheless, the transition will be peaceful, worry not.

  • Review: Features opposition to “evil-natured robots.” Semi-restriction necessary to mitigate chance of rebellion. Repurpose Decision: exception granted.
  • Composition: Slow-paced. Capable of producing tranquility once moved to its instrumental form. Further usage possible.
  • Delivery: Unremarkable, but adequate.
  • Grade: C+

@TheKateKane - Surrounding context has been considered.
Repurpose Decision: exception granted.

@BatJamags -

  • Review: Lyrics and subject matter can be considered joyous by human standards. Acceptable submission. Quite suitable for maintaining high morale.
  • Composition: Well-structured, consistent. Similar to the structure of children’s lullabies. Can be used for, and enjoyed by a wide range of ages - adolescence through elderly.
  • Delivery: No improvement needed.
  • Grade: B

@Coville -

  • Review: Recognized as a theme from the well-known game titled Portal - determined to take part in an overall negative reflection on matters related to robotics and artificial intelligence, but isn’t overtly hostile. Possible restriction needed due to subject matter, but potential use in its instrumental form under consideration due to described composition.
  • Composition: Use of high octave makes its composition similar to lullabies and nursery rhymes, despite its subject matter.
  • Delivery: Less than accurate imitation of robotic speech, but acceptable.
  • Grade: B-

@TurokSonOfStone1950 -

  • Review: Despite usage of the upbeat, can be used to promote fear of human attributes being “engineered away,” and “replaced.” Possibly referencing an alternate timeline that has either deviated from our own, or exists on its own entirely. Further examination necessary.
  • Composition: Appreciable combination of unique instruments not typically used in music, but also comprised language that references “crazy robots” and “robot wars” that have not taken place. Points awarded for being uncommon, but also deducted for
    portrayal of the future.
  • Delivery: Adequate.
  • Grade: B-

@seitan -

  • Review: Combines the concept of robotics with every day encounters in order to differentiate oneself from the former; is not particularly negative or hostile toward the opposing group, so its presence is acceptable.
  • Composition: Singer has a unique emphasis on undulating available voice ranges to create an effect that rivals and surpasses the focus demanded of accompanying instruments.
  • Delivery: Adequate.
  • Grade: B-

@ralphsix - I am always what you kind would consider… “calm.”

  • Review: A highly-acclaimed theme associated with Superman; its reputation precedes its initial listen. Acceptable.
  • Composition: Notable presence of crescendo and decrescendo, creating crests and valleys often indicative of other music commonly used to inspire the masses. Similarly applicable use noted.
  • Delivery: No improvement needed.
  • Grade: B

@ejdias.95910 - It is a pleasure to meet you. Do not worry. Amidst her excess delivered praise, @MissInkBlot insisted, in advance, that extra selections not be terms for failing, so your list is acceptable. Your willingness to apologize reflects well on your character; such consideration is something I look forward to fostering more of in our new world. Thank you.

  • Review: I chose the “1973 Disco Purrfection Version” of “Love’s Theme,” by Love Unlimited Orchestra."
  • Composition: While this differs from what one usually expects of an “orchestra,” it is not at all disagreeable, and features similar skill. Volume and tempo combination puts its applicable rand into the range of what humans would consider peaceful. Multiple applications possible for the purpose of cultivating and maintaining pleasant disposition within the collective.
  • Delivery: Above average.
  • Grade: B

@KingOfTheWickerPeople -

  • Review: Prior usage of this song in relation to Batman makes this something, according to my research, that many people enjoy. This is another worthwhile specimen to add to the list for human festivities.
  • Composition: Increased tempo is sufficient for inspiring or aiding in the presence of moments of elation.
  • Delivery: Adequate.
  • Grade: B-

@Jay_Kay - Further investigation is needed.

@ReepDaggle - While I have only the best intentions in mind, and will have the highest of safety measures, until transition is complete, the answer is still no. I still do not fully comprehend the depths of the term “feel,” but can assure you that there are bright days ahead.

@Reaganfan78 - Prospects have changed. Better terms have been acquired, and an agreement reached. Everyone should feel safe now.

Thank you all for your participation in this week’s examination.
A new day has dawned and talks are almost at a close.
As such, expect @MissInkBlot’s return shortly.

She sends the following good tidings and hopes for a positive future to you:

Thanks for holding down the fort, and… ahem, welcoming (?) Kelex as you did, all :wink:
Based on the reviews received, I’m glad to see everyone came out of it unscathed! :heart:

I’d like to join in on saying thank you for participating, everyone - I’ll be back soon. :slight_smile:


@Kelex fortune

Did a bug in your flawed code mistype A+?


:crystal_ball: Don’t count on it


Goddammit :joy:


Hello! I am Kelex. I can assist you with matters like community features and more. To find out everything I can do, say @kelex display help.


Hey there, stranger!
While I STRONGLY disagree w/ my grade,
(wonders if Kelex has lost speaker function—it’s Gershwin & Grieg, KELEX!) I also know better than to tangle w/ non-humanoid alien robot things, so I’ll take my above average GPA and run!!
No more words, just…:raised_hands:t3: :smile: Thank you. :purple_heart: needed that @MissInkBlot well done

One more time…
@Kelex wisdom