🎶 Mixtape Monday: Happy Mother's Day! 🎶

Another good challenge theme this week… honestly I’m a bit stumped. How about this for Talia al Ghul?

“Pistol Packin’ Mama”, by Bing Crosby (feat. The Andrew Sisters)


I guess I can add a more personal pick this week also. My family has some musical talent. My mom, sister, and one grandma are great at piano, so I’ll dedicate this to them:
“Seasons”, by Mae (just a heads up this song is like 14 minutes long)


A fine theme for this week @MissInkBlot! Definitely a good challenge as @LDFM has said in what way to honor all the great mothers out there. Perhaps these might do. :thinking:

First up, this one came to mind instantly. I would imagine this could be the theme for Barry when he first decides to go back in time in The Flashpoint Paradox to save his mother. :flash_hv_2:

Next, I could imagine Bruce having this in mind as he travels to Crime Alley to honor his mother on mother’s day. The tone also seems very Batman to me. :batman_stoichqtas:

Next, I thought of this tune for Diana as she reflects on her childhood when thinking about her mother Queen Hippolyta. :no_good_woman:

And finally, I came up with this one that could be used for either Clark or Kara to honor their mother’s respectively. :ok_woman: :superman_hv_4:

In the end though, I believe that perhaps this one goes out to all the mothers out there. No matter the circumstances, at the end of the day, we thank you mothers for all that you do. :sunglasses: :+1:

As a Mom to amazing seedlings, I’m going to come at this from a Mom’s point of view.

This was on my playlist for every pregnancy since it came out :pregnant_woman:

“You Belong” by Rachel Platten

I sang this song to every, single one of my babies:

“Angel’s Lullabye” by Reba McIntire

This one is how every Mom feels:

“When You Have a Child” by Reba McIntire

And, lastly, as the oldest of 13, the oldest of 57 grandchildren, and the mother of 6, I have sung this to every baby I have rocked in my life:

“Baby of Mine” sung by Allison Krauss (Originally written for “Dumbo”)

To all of my fellow Moms:


Here’s some of the songs about mothers that I pick, hope you guys like it.:slightly_smiling_face: This has to be a heartbreaking song for Hank’s mother to hear after losing her son in 1953.

:grin:Mother really know best!

This was a song my mom would always sing to me as a baby even when I was very sick.

A famous sad country song!

Here’s one of my favorite song by Joey + Rory.

Here’s a song from Mary Martin’s Peter Pan, when Peter and the lost boys are getting things ready for their new ‘Mother.’

Man, you tricked me again by tugging at my lil heart strings, MissInkBlot—dang it! :wink: …Hey, btw! :wave: I’m just gonna go w/ songs I’d put on a MD playlist for my mother, sisters, etc. :heart: Cool? Cool. Let’s do this!

Coat of Many Colors- Dolly Parton.
O-O-H Child (Nickodemus mix)- Nina Simone

Love is a Good Thing- Sheryl Crow
Rie y Llora- The Queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz

Come on-a-my House- Rosemary Clooney version—And my moms ringtone! lol
Ode to my Family- The Cranberries, To bring it back down, ‘cause I like peaks n’ valleys in a playlist; and this one, like the first 2 on this list, makes me weepy… yes, I’m deeply sentimental. Guilty! (puts on sunglasses to hide the ‘eye sweat’) :sunglasses:

Push- Madonna…gotta add it. Wouldn’t be right w/o it.
I went hard again this week, but this time there’s a lot of songs, because there are a LOT of women in my family, and we’re all very close, so I’ve been mothered by most of them. Thankfully :clinking_glasses:


I like this :+1:
I was thinking some LL Cool J, Mama Said Knock You Out for Talia Al Ghul for some reason!?




For Jason when he reminisces about Dr. Haywood…

Rae Rae’s go to playlist entry when she’s feeling especially emo and remembering Arella…

When Kori thinks about Luand’r…

The track that Martha links in a text to Clark at least once a month…

And finally, after he’s placed the roses down on the spot in Crime Alley where it all happened Bruce remembers this melancholy cut by Local Natives…


I was torn on assigning songs to characters, but I wanted to play along at least a little
So. Hippolyta. She reminds me of my own mother— all heart, no nonsense, master of all she surveys, w/ a super squishy spot for her babies. These feel right:
Once Upon A Dream- Lets go w/ the Lana Del Rey version :ok_hand: Its lovely and haunting (and captures my mood on this subject at present).
Mama- Connie Francis


:grinning:Happy Mother’s Day to you @MissInkBlot, hope you have a great day!


So my Ma’s a Dead head, her and my four uncles used to spend their summers following them around the country. Not really a mothers day song but its one of her favorites. I can see her now doing a hybrid dead/stevie nick dance! :rofl:


From DC Universe, we send you a very, very Happy Mother’s Day, all! :slight_smile:
Annnd, I thank you for sharing all the beautiful songs! :heart:

@DeSade-acolyte - But… Chipmunks are a vessel through which so many emotions and topics can be expressed! Along with just being adorable, I mean. :stuck_out_tongue: Still, I really, really like where you’re going with the waltz idea - talk about brightening up one’s holiday! I’m bowled over by the lead singer’s voice… it has a similar quality to that of the lead singer of the band AnnenMayKantereit - there’s a heaviness to it, but that makes it a perfect match for the seeming weightlessness of the background music! As for “Generation Slide,” my mother would’ve been amused if I were to ever send that her way. Then would shake her head and tut, saying, “Alice Cooper again?” :stuck_out_tongue: That’s quite the catchy song, but I expected no less, either. :wink:

@capo-mage - Ooh, I’m happy for more Danzig this week! Did you end up liking the Lissie version of that song shared before? They’re both on my favorites list, now, so either is a great choice in my book. :slight_smile: “Diamonds and Pearls” is a treat, too - the higher octaves used in it to offset the lower vocal parts really give it a fantastic fragility that reminds me of the sound music boxes make; adds a child-like aspect to it that I think fits Martha well!

Meanwhile, the shift in tempo finishes out the list in a fun way with Green Day. They’re another one of those bands that has the strange ability to couch some pretty disturbing lyrics in some upbeat tunes. Then you read the words, and you can’t help but ask yourself, “should I be dancing to this?” …while still in the middle of dancing to it. :stuck_out_tongue: A surprising mixture of songs this week, but a thoroughly enjoyable one!

@LDFM - I’m sorry the theme was a stumper! I thought it best to broaden it to our own family members in case that happened with regard to characters. I love “Pistol Packin’ Mama,” though, so you did a wonderful job! The combination of the sound of the song vs the connotation that comes along with a mother who packs a pistol being someone you (really!) don’t want to get on the bad side of is pretty awesome, I think, and a good choice for Talia. :slight_smile: “Seasons” is gorgeous, as well… what a beautiful tribute to the mothers in your life! Are you able to let them know you chose that song to dedicate to them this week? I hope you can - it’s 14 minutes well worth listening to. One could close their eyes and successfully drift away to so divine a piece! :heart_eyes:

@ajm08g - Aww, I’m glad to hear it was an enjoyable choice this week - I must say, your picks are just as enjoyable to listen to, as well! I’ve never really listened to Ozzy much before, so I had no idea about that song. Ozzy’s discography and I are going to have to spend some time together this week, so I can catch up on the other gems I’ve missed out on, clearly. :hushed: I can see Batman going Earth, Wind & Fire, too, methinks. There’s an intriguing quality to the tone of it that makes me wish we could craft a movie about him, his development as a person, and the effect on his subsequent relationships, around it. It was a reaction I didn’t expect to have, but I love the idea - makes me wanna shout: someone, somewhere, make it happen! :wink:

And, Good Charlotte! They have such an interesting set of emotional songs, from that one to others like “Wondering.” Spent many a day listening to them growing up, and Jamie O’Neal and the Golden Girls theme, too, actually, so I love all three choices! “Somebody’s Hero” always makes my glasses mist up as it is, but then we have the Golden Girls theme song adding sniffles to the mix, and… :cry: The reasoning behind your choice of characters works really well, too, so your list is an all around A+ success again this week! :slight_smile:

@Pretty.Poison.Bombshell - Oh, my goodness, that list’s a delight (as is your use of “seedlings”! It makes me want to start pinching some baby cheeks and going “aww, aren’t you just a cutie pie?” ^_^)! Happy to hear things from a mother’s perspective, and that song and music video are positively perfect in how it shows her experience each step of the way - sweet and introspective! :heart:

You got me right in the heartstrings with Reba, too. I remember when I first saw that episode and it made me a weepy mess of happiness. If there’s one who knows how to do it to me, it’s Reba, so I thank you for the double dose of her this week! I have no words to express the emotion the song from Dumbo causes for me, either. Disney, whyyyy? All of these tears… I feel like a flower pot readying to tip over and perk some up droopy buds, lol. :sob:

What an amazing family you described - how fortunate all of those babies, and family members, in general, are to have you in their lives! And how fortunate we are to have had such special songs from so special a set of moments in your life, shared with us! It’s truly an honor - thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Reaganfan78 - Thank you kindly for your sweet Happy Mother’s Day wishes! The same to you and your family - I hope today makes for a pleasant one! :heart: Especially with songs like “You Are My Sunshine” present to fill the heart with joy! I, too, love that song, and can understand why your Mom would choose to sing it to you. :slight_smile:

“That’s Important To Me” really knows how to give a person the fuzzies, doesn’t it? I love how it focuses on how wonderful moments with, and doing things for our families can be, both as they happen, and when we have the chance to look back on the memories of them. It goes well with “Message to My Mother” and “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” - despite both of them being sadder songs, they do a good job representing a “circle of life” concept I was grappling with earlier, and the Joey + Rory song tempers the two, giving a reminder to remember good memories that will always be present and cherished by those still present. All three are amazing songs to listen to - wonderful choices! :slight_smile:

“Mother Knows Best” sounds like something my Mom would sing to me… every time she had the chance to say “I told ya so” (which was, unfortunately more times than I’d like to count, lol). Ahh, and Peter Pan is a splendid add to the list! The whistling and vocal flourishes in that song really does make one feel like they could fly! :butterfly: The “at last, we have a mother!” is exactly what the heart feels when it comes to days like this. So glad we have the chance to come together to celebrate them each year. :slight_smile:

@Razzzcat - Those tenderly stroked heartstrings, I tell ya… honestly, who doesn’t love a good happy cry on Mother’s Day? :wink: Delighted to see a playlist for your family, so I’m not complaining - gotta go big or go home. :stuck_out_tongue: Are these songs that come to mind for you when thinking of those individuals, or are they songs they, themselves, also like?

My word, Nina Simone’s voice is a treasure. It has the ability to ground you, make you feel like wherever you are when you listen to it now has a little piece of home there with you, and give you the feels, all at once. That mix is particularly dazzling! Having it right beside Dolly Parton’s an amazing combo. She gives me the same happy memories Reba does, since both of their voices, especially today, feel like a warm hug from one’s mother! :hugs: The way she tells her story in “Coat of Many Colors” is it all the better, and makes it easy to understand why so many children enjoy her “Good Night with Dolly” Imagination Library - it comes naturally for her. :open_book:

I’d never heard, “Love is a Good Thing” until this week, so I thank you for opening my eyes to it. There’s a rawness to that song, and her voice that’s so alluring. Not to mention the swanky whammies that make me wanna air guitar (ahem, in the privacy of my own home, of course lol). Needless to say, I’m happy to switch from my air guitaring to dancing to all of the salsa goodness that follows, too - alas, it took listening through your list to realized my playlist was woefully incomplete without it! :slight_smile: So many peaks and valleys this week, and ending with “Ode to my Family” had the perfect touch for such a well thought out and put together list!

To your other posts, I’m always down for a good Lana Del Rey song… her voice is amazing, and some of her songs leave me speechless. I’d never heard “Once Upon a Dream,” but am glad I have, now. Haunting, but in a good way. Gives those “Nightmare Before Christmas,” “Edward Scissorhands,” or “Addams Family” vibes - the sort where it straddles the fence between pushing you away with the eeriness, but pulling you in with the alluring, captivating sense of dark romanticism? I get a similar feeling from Connie Francis’ song because of the pace and the beauty of its echo, so I can definitely see why you choose them! They, and your description of your mother make her sound like a true gem to behold! :slight_smile:

Also, for the record, I’m with you on the LL Cool J song… it’s like a warning sign saying, “Beware of Dangerous Mama” and I adore it. :stuck_out_tongue: Saw your post about making music in the Office Hours thread, too, by the way. Love how talented our happy little family is here on the forums! Can we all form a band now? Again, I say: clap clap Somebody, somewhere, make it happen! :wink:

@DC89 - Aww, I’ve always enjoyed that song by 2Pac, so I’m glad to hear it again! It’s nice to be able to hear both a mixture of his giving insight on what he experienced, along with reaching out to his mom through music. Since we only know musicians at a distance, having a glimpse into their lives like that is really special. I get something of a similar feeling from “My Mother & I,” and like the slow progression of that song through the traits and desires felt and shared between mother and daughter, and how their connection is more than just based on genes, but also on an emotionally uplifting, and metaphysical level.

I had no idea the Spice Girls had a song dedicated to their moms, though… it’s so pretty, and feels like it fits in with the tone of Lucy Dacus, and Faith Hill’s songs perfectly! Everyone’s thoughts of Martha have me grinning, too… I can totally imagine her texting that to Clark, yes! Actually, just the thought of that has me wanting to binge Smallville all day today, lol.

I think I’m going to add “Colombia” to my list of must-haves for my Batman movie dreams mentioned above. Along with being a treat for the ears on its own, it really does a great job applying to his character. You’ve all done a fantastic job with your picks this week. They’re so enjoyable, I’m going to end up spending this week with them on repeat, as well! :heart:

@AquamonC137 - It’s no wonder your family’s full of Dead Heads - with songs like that, of course, who can blame them? It’s so good! :wink: I consider it a great Mother’s Day song, though. It’s one of the reason why I went with my Mom’s favorites, too, since playing their favs list definitely counts as a good way to honor them on their day, as well. :slight_smile: With all the traveling your mom and her brothers did, I bet they had some amazing stories to share of their experiences - that must’ve been a set of memories worth reminiscing about, for sure! :hushed:


Both. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice, thank you for explaining, @Razzzcat! I know you said the song by Rosemary Clooney was your mom’s ringtone (she has fantastic taste :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:), but I was curious about the others, as well. :slight_smile: Danced around to “Push” by Madonna this morning, by the way. That song’s going to used for more than just Mother’s Day in this house. Workout playlist, here we come! :stuck_out_tongue:

@Reaganfan78 - Saw this featured on the news today and thought of your song list! :slight_smile:

Edit: Alsoooo, here’s this week’s new theme thread, all! :slight_smile: :dog:


Thankyou @MissInkBlot, that was so nice of them.:slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s so great to read all your inputs on all of our song choices @MissInkBlot! :superman_hv_4:
Yeah Ozzy is a bit of an acquired taste, and there are only a few of his songs that pop up every now and then when I am shuffling through and listening to my music. Looking at the ones that I do have, they would fit possibly for another Joker/Harley Quinn mixtape. :thinking:

First up, this one now thinking about it, could have fit in our “what party songs Joker would hate mixtape.” Especially when it would lead Joker into a false sense of security thinking it will go his way when the lyrics go, “Crazy, but that’s how it goes. Millions of people living as foes. Maybe, it’s not too late… To learn how to love and forget how to hate.”

Next is one that I listen to when I do cardio workouts. Mainly for its high energy tempo that I like to keep me going. :sweat_smile: It might also be something Harley listens to especially when these lyrics are sung: “Make a joke and I will sigh and you will laugh and I will cry.”

One final one is this one and it’s a bit more of a recent one of his. Hearing the lyrics makes me think of Harley thinking about her time with the Joker and what she will do now once she’s split from him.

LOL how much time do ya got, @MissInkBlot?! :coffee:
I don’t think I could explain in a concise manner…like, at all! Let’s just say I defended Hippolyta’s honor last week for a reason. I sometimes feel like I was raised by Amazons and I wouldn’t change a damn thing. :muscle:t3: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks @MissInkBlot, yeah I’ve heard a bunch of cool stories from those days. I was really young when Jerry died RIP, my Ma was so broken I thought he was a family member. Sad but funny.