🎶 Mixtape Monday: Harley Quinn Relationship Tunes 🎶

This song comes to mind for Harley and Ivy’s relationship in general:

Amanda Palmer – Do It With a Rockstar

And these two songs remind me of Harley pining for Ivy as she’s with Kite Man:

The Killers – Mr Brightside

Prince – The Beautiful Ones


Psycho Circus Kiss
Crazy Love PACO
Obsession Siouxsie and the Banshees
Who’s that Girl Eurythmics
A change would do you good. Sheryl Crow
Crazy on you Heart
You don’t have to say you love me Dusty Springfield.


Wow what a good one @Razzzcat :joy:

Hmmm I’m thinking…
You Drive Me Crazy - Britney Spears


Jen & Savagery (Karen O & Danger Mouse - Woman)

Stephanie (Clayface) to Chad (Rihanna - Only Girl (In the World) )

Riddler in Denmark, Norway, or Sweden (Joey Scarbury - Believe It Or Not)

Ivy pheromone induced Wonder Woman & Batman (Rufus and Chaka Khan - Tell Me Something Good)


Hey @MissInkBlot!
Hope you’ve had a great week! Thank you for doing this, btw. :clinking_glasses: Ok, let’s start w/ the big guns— Round One! :sunglasses:

Harls :heart: Who just can’t catch a break where her heart is concerned.
Head On- Man Man, Joker/break up.

Love Stained- TV on the Radio, realizing she wants Ivy, because Ivy=home.
Never My Love- Tashaki Miyaki version. Harls realizing she can’t have the one she wants until she matures a little & can reciprocate being “home” to that person.

Ivy :green_heart: who wants to love and be loved, but doesn’t exactly know how, so has some soul searching to do.
Wicked Game- Giant Drag (Great cover. For the person her fragile little :green_heart: fears most, because its who she loves MOST, Harley.)

Bizarre Love Triangle- New Order, because it captures her conflict, and near paralysis on this matter…poor Ivy. Was going to use a jazz version in honor of Jazz Fest​:sunglasses::clinking_glasses: but let’s go classic.

Beautiful- Goldfrapp (For plain ol Kite—nope. Sorry. Gotta give this one to Harls & Ivy, too).

This just came on, and I realized, omg this is exactly what I want Ivy to finally say to Harls this week.

For Chuck :kite: (& Ivy) For being safe, foolishly confident and easy (or breezy—take your pick). And also needy, because Ivy’s def got a type. (I did vote for him in the Valentines poll tho :stuck_out_tongue:)
Doin’ It Right- Daft Punk (& Panda Bear)

And for my guy Frank (& Ivy) who might just be giving her away at this wedding?? :thinking: An instrumental. :green_heart: :seedling: :wilted_flower:

Cissy Strut- The Meters

Can’t forget one for the rest of the Crew! For them, I award my favorite Breeders track: Flipside :dancer:t2: (Great warm up track on anything ya play, btw. Also Instrumental) :ok_hand:

Hello again!
So Round Two! :dancer:t2: Here we go…first up: Our dearest Babs & her social media followers, because I’d totally follow her and I cant think of anyone more suited to rep for her musically than my dearest Kathleen Hanna.

Babs & Gordo

Bane and The PiiiiiiT! :hole: (He should turn it into a retreat center. Look what it did for Zsasz?! #hanginthere)

Joker & Bethany. Feel like they need something romantic… and I :purple_heart: this piece

Quick story: Had a phone call w/ people who watch the show. This thread came up, the Cobb Squad list got out of control, so I’m overruling and putting my first pick back in: clean version if that’s ok?? by Lily Allen. :star_struck: Jennifer, that fight, and poor, awkward Ivy— so excited, thinking they bonded, but she’s the only one who gets the tattoo. See, this is why my girls got trust issues! :eyes:

Ok, I think I’m done!? Take care.:purple_heart:


Nice @bribriibri! For Chad/Stephanie/Clayface Forever your Girl by Paula Abdul feels :100: RIGHT to me! :laughing: Thoughts @MissInkBlot?? Yea or nay?
Or. Actually, this might good for Clayface too.

Almost forgot King/Tabitha. They don’t want to get married, but report home every night? :thinking: #MakeKingSharkaDaddy
Keep on Knocking- Death


:fist:t3: :clinking_glasses:

:fist:t3: :fist:t3:


Thanx! I meant to do the same for this :dancer:t2:

:joy: @MissInkBlot if you haven’t seen this Ep yet, you’re in for a treat.

Speaking of which…I just thought of a couple more. I was going to try and exhibit some restraint here, but…yeah, that’s not happening. These scenes were too good!

For swole Riddler and his giant hamster wheel. :muscle:t3:

For Diana, Batsy, and Supes under Ivy’s :test_tube: “influence”. Good times.

C’mon now
“Best Friend” Rex Orange County … you can thank me later.

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I haven’t watched season 2 yet :frowning_face: so I picked a relationship from season 1.
I picked this song for Ivy and Kiteman because it’s about a boy being in love but not really knowing what love is :kiteman2_hqtas:

Ty Segall - Girlfriend


The Harley, Ivy, and Kiteman love triangle.

Ava Max- Sweet but Psycho

The song is ultimately about a woman being so fierce and strong that the guy can’t handle her. But I think it works in all three cases and sums up feelings perfectly.


Joker and Harley everytime I think about Harley’s relationship to Joker this song pops in my head

Bebe Rexha-I’m a Mess



So listening to other’s suggestions, I might have some “relationship” stuff to share… I just don’t really know who to give them to. Anyone want to tag team and assign these? :upside_down_face:

“I Can Make You Feel Young Again,” by Copeland

“Never Take Friendship Personal”, by Anberlin

“YOU”, by Off Road Minivan

Psst. Here’s a thing you may enjoy. :dancer:t2:@void_empress @Ortega807 @NovellPaladin



blushes oh gosh, ok… Harlivy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Okay @MissInkBlot, just one more.

Gordon longing for connection with Batman (Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting)

Gordon and the Batwing (Berlin - Take My Breath Away)

Nora and Victor Fries (Lenny Kravitz - Again)


Good to see another Hall and Oats and another shout out for that Joey Scarbury tune @xLOVEandDoomPatrolx. :superman_hv_4:

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Here are some ideas that I got listening to them. :thinking:

I thought of Harley and Ivy when Ivy was “seemingly” killed by the Joker in season one. Especially with these lyrics, When I feel like I’m dead, you’re reviving me, and Harley cried over Ivy’s grave where with a tear that hit the ground she then started to grow back.

This one I thought of Gordon and Batman. Especially the scene where Gordon is trying to tell Batman all his personal problems and Batman is not having any part of it. The lyrics If you can’t hold yourself together, Why should I hold you now? seem to cement this.

I got a Kite Man - Ivy vibe from this one. I thought of the time when Ivy met Kite Man at his apartment after he felt rejected by her initially. These lyrics I could have seen Kite Man singing to her: You make the rest of us look bad, it’s true, There’s nothing, there’s nothing quite like you. It also has a nice airy sense to the song as well. :sunglasses: :+1: