Mods, Are Superhero Usernames Locked?

I’ve discussed this with some other users in various threads, but I was wondering if we could get an official answer. For usernames, have all DC’s superhero named been locked from the beginning? We have lots of users on the forums and yet we never see people The the user name “Batman” or “Superman.” My theory is that these named were locked by DCU so that nobody grabbed a big name like Superman and hurt the brand by being a complete jackass or grabbed a username like Batman and ruined his brand by being a well-adjusted, thoughtful and polite person.

I was just wondering if you could confirm this. The only exception I’ve seen is the mod Zatanna so I thought maybe mods could use these or Zatanna was forgotten when they were locking names.

If these names were locked, did you also lock other prominent names like Hulk, Robocop and Terminator?

Am I way overthinking this entire thing and asking silly irrelevant questions which you don’t want to take the time to answer?


@BatWatch, some of the big hitter’s names are reserved internally and cannot be used. Zatanna is a moderator and therefore has special privileges.

Names like RoboCop etc are likely not reserved and may still be available.



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