Most Moving comic for the you?

Impulse 10. Max Mercury, Impulse’s mentor and guardian is near death in hospital and Bart has lost his powers. You really feel how slow he feels life is going. The run through the woods when it hits him how much he cares for Max and doesn’t want him to die always gets me.

Great question.

There were a few moments in DCeased that just pulled at my heart strings.

Like when Alfred looks at all the dead Batman, Nightwing, and robins and he says “my boys…” And also Supes goodbye to Lois and Jon.

Yes I would agree about DCeased. I was reading with my kids trying read the words while not trying to cry lol.

There are so many DC stories that have…but the one that moved me the most? “Pride of Baghdad” DC/Vertigo; Written by Brian K. Vaughn and art by Niko Henrichon

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There are other comics that got me :cry: but I would like to give a shout out to Batman & Robin #18 (New 52) by Peter J. Tomasy, Pat Gleason and Mick Gray: a silent issue about Bruce dealing with Damian death and is AMAZING!!! That one got me​:sob: (a great run btw)


The end of Pride of Bagdad had me in tears.

As much as I didn’t care for the series as a whole Identity Crisis #6 got me. The phone call between Tim and his Dad coupled with Batman’s reaction was enough, but then when Tim rushed into the house knowing he was too late. Gets me everytime


Gets me everytime

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I love this thread. :heart:

“Who is Donna Troy?” from the Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans is full of amazing hugs and love and feels, but there is one line in it that made me tear up the first time I read it, for purely personal reasons. Dick, thinking about Donna’s situation and their own history, observes:

Allow me to explain.

When I was a little kid (and a bigger kid too), I would get soooo frustrated that boys and girls could never be friends. “Oooh, is that your boyfriend?” No!, 11-year-old me would get tired of insisting. We’re friends! Boys and girls could never be friends in the shows or movies I watched either. They always fell in love eventually.

It gets worse when the continual denial is “we’re just friends!” as if implying that friendship is a lesser relationship than romance. Romance is something I’ve never felt and friendships are the strongest relationships I have, and I hate the implication that they don’t matter as much as romantic relationships.

So this line, and the perfectly platonic friendship of Donna and Dick in general, smacked me in the face with validation. “I love her more than I could if I was only her lover…” The implication there that friendship-love is the more superior love to romantic is something I don’t think I’ve ever seen elsewhere and it means so much to me.

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Detective Comics #999 got me choked up when Bruce was talking to his younger self in the cemetary.

What issue is this? I’d love to read it.